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Asked: 5 years ago

Item Duping?

Is it possible to dupe items on the PS3 version of the game? If so, then can someone tell me how?. Thanks.

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From: syberspunk 5 years ago

stu got it right. just to further clarify, this can only be done with two separate PSN accounts, and thus only on separate PS3s. meaning, it has to be done online. it CANNOT be done locally/split screen, like you can do on the 360.

the reason is, the 360 lets a 2nd player sign in as a completely different player profile.

atm, the PS3 does NOT let you do that. <_<

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What do you mean by "dupe"?

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Duplicate? No but you could take a chapter again and again, for example the machine-gun you get in the beginning of a chapter, take it and quit and save and there you have it.

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Yes, it is possible, due to the way the inventory in the game is managed. Join a game with a friend, and the items you would like to dupe (not weapons, they can't be traded) in your inventory. Rotten eggs are common because they sell for the most money. Start any chapter, and give all your rotten eggs to your partner. Next steps are very important, READ CAREFULLY. The partner (who received all the eggs) will choose to Quit, and will Save the game. The host (who gave away all the eggs) will choose to Quit, BUT DO NOT SAVE! This will cause you to still have all your eggs (that you gave away), and your partner to also have those same eggs.

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No it only works for the X-box 360 version.

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