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RPG HELP Beat under 5 hours?

I've beaten the game under 7 hours once, do I have to start a new game and beat the whole thing over, or can I replay the missions that took a while and try to make it under 5 hours?

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Grandstream answered:

When I played the game first time through, I had 8 and a half hours. When I got the upgraded weapons, I began running speed trials through each chapter. Best thing to do is just play the game through once, get a feel for what happens and where and when, then get from point A to point B in the quickest amount of time. For Boss battles, Infinite Rocket Launcher is a must. Max damage, with splash effect. Even if you miss, it can still hurt them if its close.
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blackheart6270 answered:

Yes u can, the best way to get the Infinite RPG is to play it on Amatuer mode is where the enemies die in 1 shot so that's the best way to get the Infinite RPG & me personally, i beat the game in under 3 hrs on Amatuer the next day so, yeah Amatuer Mode is the best way to get it...
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crazedxerio answered:

if u want al take u on PRO and clear it in under 5hrs :D
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Uncle_Jay_Lo answered:

You do not have to beat the entire game over again. You can simply replay levels and complete them faster. The game automatically registers the quickest completion time per chapter.
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