Question from Vegeta152

Asked: 5 years ago

The ''They're ACTION Figures!'' trophy?

Do I need to have 'S' Rank every where under the same difficulty?


Can I Mix It Up?
For Exemple: ( ''S'' Rank on Ch. 1 and 2 under ''NORMAL'' then ''S'' Rank on Ch. 3 and 4 under ''AMATEUR'' ) hence on...

Would it work?

Accepted Answer

From: crazedxerio 5 years ago

Vegeta you know the very last trophy (i think its Wesker Rare cant remember) I got it with 4 S on PRO and the rest on Vet but there are some trophys that require a certian ammount of BSAA emblems collected so if u want to get 1 S on Ch1 & CH2 on Norm and the rest on Ama if its the same as it did for me then u will get it anyways and if this is 1 last tropys u need CONGRATS ON PLAT!

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Submitted Answers


the ranks have nothing to do with the figures. although the higher rank you get the more points you get once you finished a level. you use the points you have to buy the figures in the BONUS FEATURES menu. they are all grouped together. when you highlight one youll see the requirements on the left side that you need to unlock it. for example find 30 BSAA Emblems and complete Chapter 6. once you've collected all figures then you'll get the trophy.

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