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It has its moments, but...dracula16484/10
Great For All The Wrong Reasonsimaybe8/10
Capcom sacrifices what its beloved franchise is known for to bring in newer gameplay elements.Archmonk Iga8/10
An overall excellent experience, just play with a friendBadFortuneAndre9/10
Resident Evil 5 is an updated Resident Evil 4 with co-op, and a blast to play!Bkstunt_318/10
Nothing is More Satisfying than Co-op Zombie Killing Perfectionblueninja444410/10
Great game, but it could have been moreBoyLover X9/10
Action Shooter with a hint of Survival HorrorChateauNoir10/10
Chris Redfield only cares about two things: his freaks and his peaks. He'll be getting plenty of both here.CrimsonGear809/10
With the fifth main series installment, Resident Evil has won me overDonald Love 879/10
A great game no matter how you slice itEgHeadFool8/10
Resident Evil 5 takes the foundations of Resident Evil 4 to create a solidly stunning game that is sure to impressKayos909/10
This is probably the best Resident Evil so farLightExavier9/10
Technically great but doesn't quite live up to expectations.Lsnake7/10
Residents of EvilN-Newtype10/10
Not scary. Just fun.ramsiverse9/10
The Evil Returns.Sinister18710/10
Don't pee your pants...SuperPhillip9/10
Provides closure for one character's story though causes several others to remain unanswered.TheLastAvatar059/10
Capcom, please stop ruining all of your good series. We're begging you.UltimaterializerX2/10
A frustratingly great game. While it is almost impossible to argue its quality, there's a similar sense that it could have been so much more.XIII_rocks8/10

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