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Asked: 5 years ago

Dual Wielding?

What is it and how do you use it if you've already unlocked it?

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From: Dekay13 5 years ago

Dual wielding is the act/art of using two swords at once. To use this style you must have acquired enough samurai points to unlock to style (1000 I believe). Once unlocked, have two swords in your inventory and hold down L1. You should hear a noise and see another sword appear at your waist. After that, tap L1 to pull out your swords and have fun! You can go back to a single sword anytime by holding L1 again.

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remember to get new dual-wielding moves, you must use scrolls. Occasionally you can find Dual Sword Scrolls and Ninja Dual Sword Scrolls by killing tough NPCs on higher difficulty levels, or you can simply buy some at the Posting Station from the sword parts merchant beginning on Day 5.

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