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Got Vidic's pen, but can't get into his computer?

So I stole Vidic's pen (password) from the table at the end of memory block 4, but I'm now at the end of the game after end credits, and his computer won't let me log in. I had to read all the emails on the walkthrough instead.

Was this a glitch? And did anyone else run into this problem?

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louisg96816 answered:


Yeah, Lucy's pen was on the table. You needed to steal Vidics pen from his pocket one morning before you got into the Animus. He'll be standing there sipping his coffee as usual but you'll have the option to take his pen. This is after you already have Lucy's pen. If you do have Vidic's pen then I believe that you can get his password in one of the emails in Lucy's outbox. Apparently Abstergo changes their computer passwords every month. Once you get into Vidics email you'll get the passcode for the conference room and can access the computer in there.
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TheSmurf92 answered:

that was actually Lucy's pen
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BLADE2DRAGON answered:

Once u pickpocket vidics pen from his pocket u wont be able to use it to access his computer till you have gone backi into the animus and done more story and on the very next time ur back in the present time and they leave the room you go to your room and leave again and u can use it then.
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