3D Character Model & Texture DesignerMasayo Horie
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerYukari Hoshi
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerNozomu Ikeuchi
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerKazuya Matsumura
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerKotomi Negishi
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerShingo Oba
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerTsutomu Ono
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerTatsuya Oshima
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerTsuyoshi Otaki
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerMitsuru Sakamoto
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerAkiyo Suzuki
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerRyotaro Takahashi
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerYuma Tanimoto
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerHiroki Uchida
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerYosuke Yamaguchi
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerSumire Yonemoto
3D Character Model & Texture DesignerAoi Yoshimoto
3D Landscape DesignerTetsu Fukada
3D Landscape DesignerKeisuke Higuchi
3D Landscape DesignerTakeshi Ishizu
3D Landscape DesignerMakiko Kubo
3D Landscape DesignerSaori Kurita
3D Landscape DesignerSatsuki Kuwana
3D Landscape DesignerAtsushi Numata
3D Landscape DesignerMamoru Odake
3D Landscape DesignerYumiko Otori
3D Landscape DesignerKeisuke Shibutani
3D Landscape DesignerChiharu Shindo
3D Landscape DesignerYuma Tanimoto
3D Landscape DesignerHiroki Uchida
3D Landscape DesignerGoichi Watanuki
AnimatorMakoto Fukahori
AnimatorRui Fukuma
AnimatorYoshihiro Haji
AnimatorEri Harata
AnimatorSosuke Honda
AnimatorShinpei Hosono
AnimatorRyuta Inoue
AnimatorHisashi Kanie
AnimatorMitsuo Kosaka
AnimatorToshihiko Kumazaki
AnimatorTatsuhiko Murai
AnimatorAkira Muramoto
AnimatorMorikazu Nagaro
AnimatorKazunori Nakanishi
AnimatorAsami Okouchi
AnimatorEisuke Sagawa
AnimatorTakuya Sakamoto
AnimatorYasushi Shimajiri
AnimatorTomoaki Sugiura
AnimatorKunihiko Suzuki
AnimatorNaoki Taguchi
AnimatorHideto Takegami
AnimatorYukiko Ueda
AnimatorAya Yamamoto
Art DirectorKohei Toda
Battle System DesignerYuta Amino
Battle System DesignerKatsushige Hayakawa
Battle System DesignerMasayuki Hino
Battle System DesignerTakashi Izutani
Battle System DesignerSugitaro Kitayama
Battle System DesignerNoriaki Matsunase
Battle System DesignerShuko Mitsuda
Battle System DesignerYuichi Shimizu
Battle System DesignerKatsuo Suzuki
Battle System DesignerShigeo Takaai
Battle System DesignerZin Ueba
Battle System DesignerYoichi Yamaji
Battle System ProgrammerHiroyuki Nakamura
Battle System ProgrammerKazumasa Ohashi
Battle System ProgrammerDaisuke Oikawa
Battle System ProgrammerKazuki Sakurai
Battle System ProgrammerHitoshi Togawa
Battle System ProgrammerAkira Yamamoto
Character IllustratorIssei Kutsuzawa
Character IllustratorTetsuya Wagatsuma
DirectorTakashi Shono
Dungeon Trial System DesignerFumihiro Asami
Dungeon Trial System DesignerKazuya Yamamoto
Event & Quest AssistantTakaaki Ishihara
Event & Quest AssistantYasuyuki Kudo
Event & Quest AssistantYukihiro Tamura
Event Sequence ScripterYuta Hanawa
Event Sequence ScripterSyuji Komatsu
Executive DirectorYoshiki Okamoto
Game Design SupervisorTadashi Satomi
Game Design SupervisorYoshinori Takenaka
Game System DesignerToshiyuki Kajiwara
Game System DesignerRyo Shibuichi
Game System DesignerTadahisa Uchino
Game System DesignerTakaaki Yamashita
Game System ProgrammerTomohiro Kaneko
Game System ProgrammerDaishi Sekimoto
Game System ProgrammerKazuya Takei
Gameplay Architect DesignerTomohisa Kano
Gameplay Architect DesignerKeiichi Kawakami
Gameplay Architect DesignerNorikazu Miwa
Gameplay Architect DesignerMasanori Mottate
Gameplay Architect DesignerMichiaki Nakanowatari
Graphics ProgrammerDaisuke Katagi
Graphics ProgrammerFranklyn Tamalenus
In-game Movie ProgrammerMitsuyuki Suzuki
Landscape ArtistHidetomo Komaki
Landscape ArtistSosuke Miyaura
Landscape ArtistHiroyuki Shimai
Landscape ArtistKohei Toda
Lead 3D Character Model & Texture DesignerYuya Kuroyabu
Lead 3D Landscape DesignerYoko Fukumoto
Lead 3D Landscape DesignerMasahiro Oyama
Lead AnimatorHiroyuki Hamada
Lead Battle System ProgrammerSyunsuke Kitano
Lead Character IllustratorChihiro Mutsukura
Lead Game ProgrammerHiroyuki Tanaka
Lead VFX DesignerArugo Shinohara
Manga Sequence DesignerKeiichiro Akashi
Manga Sequence DesignerHiromasa Suzuki
Manga Sequence DesignerRyuichi Tobe
Manga Sequence ProgrammerManabu Koga
Movie ProgrammerIppei Onishi
Network ProgrammerMutsuhiro Furuya
Network ProgrammerKei Honda
Network ProgrammerHitoshi Nakagawa
Network ProgrammerShinichi Ueyama
Network ProgrammerDaisuke Yamada
Program SupervisorEitoshi Ashihara
Program SupervisorShinya Suda
Quest Sequence ScripterYukihiro Kitada
Quest Sequence ScripterTomoaki Takagi
Scenario EditorYouhei Yanase
Scenario WriterHidehisa Miyashita
Sound ProgrammerIppei Onishi
User Interface DesignerNozomi Ishii
User Interface DesignerKohei Toda
VFX DesignerTomoaki Honma
VFX DesignerChihiro Kondo
VFX DesignerAtsuto Kuroe
VFX DesignerHidekazu Nakajima
VFX DesignerTakumi Nakamura
VFX DesignerYuichiro Okamura
VFX DesignerTetsu Shoji
VFX DesignerMiki Toyota
VFX DesignerHikari Yamamoto
VFX DesignerJiro Yoshida
VFX ProgrammerMakoto Hasegawa


Data and credits for this game contributed by Kouli, Naruto, odino, Gbness, Cosmic!, Blueberry Buttface, eRBaLTaN, Weapon, LordAndrew, _Genesis, JF7X, Guard Master, Blk_Mage_Ctype, and oliist.

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