Question from dxd08

Online play controls. Are They the same as Player vs Comp?

I understand that the deck is randomly shuffled, however I can't seem to play any selected (digital)cards. What is the button configuration for online play?


awesomeguy5012 answered:

The controls are the same. You still play the cards the exact same way. Just make sure that you have the same cards in your hand that the game has drawn for you. Also, make sure your deck is registered for online play. (by going into the Deck Builder mode)
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MrGawn answered:

X shows your current hand.
Triangle hows the Camera view, useful for re-aligning the mat
Square gives you a chance to pick a specific creature to activate/rotate
Circle typically cancels an action
R1/L1 (i believe) rotates the creature/field status
Start pulls up the menu
Select pulls up a different menu
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sephyncloud answered:

Pretty much. Exactly the same.
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