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What cards should I buy?

I've just bought this game for cheap and I have no idea about what to get for the game. :P I have everything that should be in the started pack, game, camera, playmat and cards.
Right, I know the cards are rare now but what should I be looking out for?
Should I go and buy booster packs, or are there other packs to look out for?
These are what I've found so far, should I get them?
Booster Packs-
[It's the second item in the list, hopefully. a box of booster packs.]

And the second one, I can't link either coz its too long. It says it's a "Biolith Rebellion 2 Deck Wood Unleashed"

Thanks for the help.


sephyncloud answered:

Buy whatever cards you can get your hands on. Thats my advice.
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