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=Ratchet and Clank (Future): Tools of Destruction=
=In-Depth Demo Guide=
=Copyright 2007 Tim van der Meij=
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  ,.....                                                              .9c.:ic. 
   ,...7n.                                                           iQZ:::ci  
   ,,,..E0C                                                       ,..z$X:icX   
    i.,.;W0; :                                                 ,Y2c,;bb;;YC    
    .i::.1Wz,;bC,                                            .cAb0CYXZc;Y1.    
     .;v;;60tYb$08c...                                   .vCYtEB#0tXtC71S:     
      .v7YXbSCC0B#$InZ0n;.                            ,c6$B6A6Q$WztttSoz;      
       .;YXz2ztz0QWb00B$WWA;.    ;C1nAEEW08ZISv.   :vS#$$$QEZZQQU1zSAI2c       
                 .1QWWW$BQ06QMMMMW..:vS2zoCi. .MMMM@bbQBBBQ09:                 
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                      7Q0E9ZMMM6 UZC.;WYcA@ci,tz MMM#6U28i                     
                        S#$MMMM A7 .. 8S;#2  . t7;MMM@#W                       
                        MMMMMM6 @;:, ;Qt7U#. ,,vW MMMMMM6                      
                       MMMMMMMc 8A;co8CCX78W7vCQS MMMMMMM;                     
                       MMMMM@B, .2#@@B####$#M@#1. A9MMMMMt                     
                        ; intA:7MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM#,i0Uo                         
                       8M@v$9n7cc,i. .i;;;:  .;:7YY1b0izi                      
                     @@#M# #BBB$MQEWWWQQWWQQWWEBMB$$$biM@MMi        ;c.        
                    vM@M@W.$WBWMEX@@#@##@@@@@@#iM#$B$ZcMMMMM$o   :@MMMMMB;     
        .,          #M@#@M:B$$WM2EM@#@@@@@@@@@Mt@$$$#9CMMMMMMMZ.Y@MM@@MMMM#    
   vW#@MMMM#WS   vv7@@#$MM:B#$WMzEM@@@@@@@@@@MM1@#B#@U1MM0B@MMM0MMMM@$#M@6i    
   ioW###@MMMMMMMMM@MM@$W@7W@#B@UWM@@@@@@@@@@MMb$#$#@IZ@#Q8$0 i$MMMMMMMMMMMMM  
  MM@@@MMMMMMMMM0, n0#@B$M8B@#B@zWM###########@W$@#@@0W#0UIE#     ,::. 8MMMU   
  EMMMMX          :0AzUE$Mi@M@$@B0#@###@@@###@#$@##@@@M$b96E@i           ,     
   QMME     :61X. #BEE0$M0 MMM@#M@@MMMMMMMMMM@@M@#@MM01@0Q00#b;SIt,            
            EMMMMM@BWB#@M   MMMM@M@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@MMM0  @@#B$#@MMMMM8           
             MMMMMMM@@@@Mi    EMMMMMMM@@@@MMMMMMMM:  .MM@@@@@@@MMMM            
             MMM@@MMMMMMMMMY CMBWEMMMMMMMMMMMMM#WE0  MMM@@@@@@M@MM7            
                MMMMMMMMMMn   .EMMMMMM@@@@MMMMMMMi  MMMMMMMMMMU                
=Version History=

=9/15/07= (Version 1.00)
Finished Basic structure of the Guide and a vast majority of it's content,
including that fine ACII art you see at the top.

=9/16/07= (Version 1.10)
Pulled the Guide from the Submissions Queue of GameFAQS to add more content,
regarding changes in the demo. Minor changers were done also. Also touched up
the original image to be used for the ACII art above for added clarity in the
final product.

=9/17/07= (Version 1.20)
Resubmitted after adding the Things you may not have noticed section, found
under Extras. Also updated the graph, as the Gamespot demo does in fact have
Strafing. Also added Gastroid's FAQ from the ToD Board in the FAQ Section,
and added subtle formatting to the Enemies and Weapons sections. Plus other
tidbits that slip my mind.

=9/18/07= (Version 1.30)
Heh, seem to update this frequently. Ah well, it's all due to reader feedback!
Anyways, the changes here have been adjusting the Demo Changes so that the
correct author is given, and updating the ACII art (new version of the program
that makes it, you see). Also fixed a few grammar issues, plus added some new
sites to host the Guide (who have my permission to do so, of course). I added
more to the Tidbits you Didn't notice section, and fixed a Mech Suit Quote
(Atomise, not Analyse), and added the Glitches Section, under Extras. Expanded
the Extras Section in the Contents Menu.

=7/11/09= (Version 1.31)
Just short of two years later, I update the Allowed Sites list.

Welcome, welcome, to my very first FAQ! Given that ToD is a newly-released
demo (as of the first publication of this FAQ, anyway), I figured that it'd be
a nice place to start. Given my apparent attention to detail in the game I
thought I'd also be a good one to make a guide in the first place.

But enough about me! This guide is intended to cover as much about the demo as
possible (and as logically possible). This guide will be split up into several
key points: Title Menu and Options, Actual Guide, Cutscenes, Controls and
Gameplay Mechanics, Weapons, Gadgets and Combat Devices, Enemies
and Extras.

If there's anything you feel is missing from the Guide or something that you
feel would need changing, feel free to contact me at timv@paradise.net.nz.
Given the amount of free time I currently have I'll be sure to reply to you in
a jiffy (that is, usually a day or two).

NOTE: This Guide is based upon the demo that was released on the Playstation
Network Store on the 12th of October, 2007. Therefore, it does not accomodate
to the changes that are present between it and the demo released by Gamestop
with ToD preorders. That does not mean to say, however, that you cannot use
this guide for the Gamestop demo. Both demos, whilst with differences, are
still structurally the same, and any changes should not result in large amounts
of confusion for the reader.

Also note that I have included a section listing differences between the two

=Legal Bits=

This guide is copyright of me, Tim van der Meij. Thus far, the only websites
allowed to host this Guide are the following:

= GameFAQs.com
= Supercheats.com
= MyPS3.com.au
= CheatCodesCentral.com (Cheatcc.com)
= Supercheats.com
= Gamershell.com
= Neoseeker.com

However, if you would like to host it on your site, drop me an email and I'll
allow you to use it if I consider it appropriate. Keep in mind that I primarily
use GameFAQs to upload the latest version of my Guide(s).

Any part of this Guide that is listed in the Contents, in full or in part, may
be printed for personal, non-profit use only. Anything and everything else may
not be copied for aforementioned use.


Here is a list for you to jump to where you need to be. Each section is given
a code. Press Ctrl+F to open the search box, and copy the code into the search
box. Hit Enter until you get to the desired section! I've also included
codes for the cutscenes during the main guide for added convenience.

A Breif Overview of the Franchise.................#OVF

Title Menu and Options............................#TMO

Controls and Gameplay Mechanics...................#CGP

Actual Guide......................................#ATC

   The Planetary Defence Centre...................#PDC
   The Threat Arrives.............................#TTA

Weapons, Gadgets and Combat Devices...............#WGC

Enemies and Fodder................................#EFD

Frequently Asked Questions........................#FAQ

Changes Between the Demo Versions.................#CNG

   Skill Points...................................#SKP
   Random Tidbits and Things you Didn't Notice....#TDN


=A Breif Overveiw to the Franchise   #OVF=
Ratchet and Clank began it's life on the PS2 shortly after Insomniac finished
up Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon for the PSone, intended to push the Platforming
Genre farther than that franchise did. The main stand-out point for the first
game was a very apparent use of Weapons and Gadgets, ranging from rocket
launchers to Ray that turn your enemies into various barnyard animals.

The first game, just titled Ratchet and Clank, was a big hit, and spawned 3
sequels (although the last one can be considered spin-off title). They each
expanded on the formula of getting co-ordinates to the next planet to get
more weapons and more enemies to blow up. The second game, tited Going
Commando in the US and Locked and Loaded in PAL regions, introduced two of
the biggest features in the line of perfecting the formula: Weapon Upgrading
and Strafing. The third, titled Up Your Arsenal, introduced Lock-Strafe mode
and the highly popular Online play. The last game, Deadlocked, was more
Online-focused and had a darker, edgier feel compared to the previous games.

All the games are available as Greatest Hits/Platinum titles, so are available
at a relatively cheap cost if you want to get a taste of ToD before release.

=Title Menu and Options   #TMO=
The Title Menu has Ratchet working on his Sky Bike (the official name is
unknown), with Clank going over a small monitor. This is remniscent of the
Title Menus of the first game and UYA. Here, you can do three things:
Select New Game, watch the first cutscene, and play the game, Select Options,
or you can wait 30 seconds and watch a Sizzle Reel, featuring various
gamplay elements from the full game in the style of a Movie Trailer.

In the Options Menu, you can change the following elements of the game:

- Sound Effect Volume
- Music Volume
- Speech Volume (This affects the Help Text Voice)
(Note that these options do not effect the Volume of their respective elements
in the cutscenes of the game)

- Help Text Toggle: Toggles the Help Text that guides new players through the
controls of the game. Useful if you're already acquainted with the conrols
of the Ratchet and Clank series.
- Subtitles: This toggles the subtitles displayed during cutscenes.
- Audio Mode: Toggle between Mono (one speaker), Stereo (two speakers) and

=Controls and Gameplay Mechanics   #CGP=
These two aspects of the game have remained unchanged throught the entire
series, so if you've played any of the other games you may like to skip this


Left Analog Stick: Move Around
Right Analog Stick: Look Around
Circle: Fire Weapon
Square: Swing Wrench
Triangle (Hold): Activate Quick Select Ring
Triangle (Tap): Switch to last equipped weapon
Select: Activate Map
Start: Pause and open Options Menu
L1: Over the Shoulder (OTS)/Look Mode
L2: Strafe
R1: Fire Weapon
R2: Crouch
SIXAXIS: Move Ratchet whilst Sky Diving

=Quick Select Ring=
For easy weapon equipping on the go, the Quick Select is the method of choice
for any gamer. Hold Triangle and Select a Weapon/Combat Device with the Left
Analog Stick. In the full game, this can be customized with any Weapon, Gadget
or Combat Device over a total of 3 Rings. The Quick Select Ring has a Pause on
it, so you don't have to worry about enemy fire when choosing weapons.

The Map is used to track your progress throughout a level. You can use it to
see how far you are in the level, where you've been, and how far you have to
go. Meteor Pads are also marked, as would Vendors, but there are none in the
Metropolis level and thus, none in the demo.

There are three (and a half) types of crates in the game: Bolt Crates and Ammo
Crates. Bolt Crates give you bolts, which you can spend on a variety of
Weapons in the full game. The second type is the Nanotech Crate. Nanotech is
Ratchet's Health, and if he runs out, he dies. Nanotech gains experience and
upgrades when you defeat enemies, just like your weapons do. Nanotech Crates
contain four Nanotech Orbs inside, restoring 1 Hit Point each. The final type
and a half are Ammo Crates, which give you ammunition for your two weapons, and
a regenerating type which spawns a new crate every 15 seconds or so, if there
is no Ammo Box already.

=Meteor Pads=
These Pads were first introduced in RaC2, and have been fun ever since! Jump
on a Green Pad whilst standing on one to be shot up into the air to a preset
destination. Purple ones launch you just when you make contact with them.

=SIXAXIS Skydive=
At a certain point in the demo, Ratchet will freefall. During this
breathtaking experience (literally, it's hard to breath when you're falling),
you can tilt the controller to direct Ratchet out of (or into) harm's way. In
the full game, SIXAXIS is used for a variety of weapons, too.

Breakables are certain objects in the game which you can smash for extra bolts.
These also show off the physics engine from Resistance, as you can play around
with the broken peices. Several Skill Points in the PS2 series were based
around breaking stuff.

=Actual Guide   #ATC=
Help Desk Messages will be displayed in [brackets]

So, after the opening cutscene (#ITN), you'll start off among the
wreckage of Ratchet's Sky Bike (just as he crashed his ship on Novalis in the
first game). The first thing you'll see is the sky filled with mortars from
large, evil looking ships.

Looking to your left you'll see an Ammo Crate. You don't need it yet, but if
you want you can smash it. The pad underneath it means it regenerates, so if
you're low on ammo and have used up all Ammo Crates, you can come back here
to stock up. You'll also see breakable lights behind you. Walk across the
bridge-platform, breaking the lamp posts if you want to, and up to the two
opponents ahead of you.

[Welcome back Customer 91802! If you're looking to combat a massive, deadly
space armada, the Gadgetron Help Desk will be happy to assist!]

A well-placed Fusion Grenade should dispose of them quickly. Squish the
Slug-Fish if you want to. A Mech ahead should say "The Lombax is somewhere in
this city! Bring Ratchet's head back for the Emperor!" Taking a few steps
forward, a mortar will smash into the golden Quark Statue and blow it apart.
At it's feet are a small swarm of cop-bots. Smash them with the Omniwrench. Go
to your left and smash the crates for bolts and ammo.

Return back the way you came and Fusion Grenade the group of enemies ahead of

[You can deal more damage with your Wrench by executing a Hyperstrike. Press X,
followed by Square]

Smash the boxes on the sides of the walkway, jump up the stairs, and smash
the crates and civ-bots on and near the balconies. On the right one, you should
hear a mech say "The Lombax must be around here somewhere! Obliterate this
pathetic city!" Continue ahead and use a Fusion Grenade on the flying Mech.

[Press the Fire Button to use your currently selected weapon]

Quickly take care of the cop-bots on the bridge with the Combustor, and watch a
Hovership fly in to dispatch some troops. Quickly use 3 Fusion Grenades on it
before it causes too much trouble.

[To use the Meteor Pad, stand on the Pad and press the Jump Button]

Do as the Help Desk says and use the Meteor Pad to get shot up to a higher.
Watch as a car smashes into the bridge you're on and sends it crumbling down
below. As you land, beware of the giant Spider-Mech just in front of you. It
won't cause any harm, however you can throw a Groovitron and cause it to stop
and dance. Here it will remain where it is and attack you. Given that it
doesn't take damage, you shouldn't really do this, rather just let it jump
ahead, and then off onto the side of a building.

[You can access the Quick Select Menu by holding down the Action Button. Use
the Left Stick to select your weapon]

Smash the crates to your left, and use Grenades on the three Jetpack Mechs. As
you turn right to smash more crates, another Cragmite will say "The Lombax is
to be considered armed and extremly dangerous. Set Blasters to Atomise!" Use
the Meteor Pad to launch up to a higher balcony, and watch the earlier Spider-
Mech blast toward you and a mortat his the side of a nearby building.


Use the Groovitron on the group of Mechs ahead of you to keep them still while
you smash them with the Wrench. Smash the crates and civ-bots located on the
balcony and continue on the grind rail.

[Jump on the grind rail to use your Grindboots!]

Leap over to the right rail on your side and slide down past a building.
Another Mech will say "He's escaping on a Magrail! Heading South!" Watch in awe
as you see two mortars destroy the building you're sliding next to, but don't
forget to jump over the gaps caused by falling debris and the Electric Shockers
on the rail itself.

As you slide onto the new balcony, use the Fusion Grenades to dispatch of the
two Mechs, smash the Cop-Bots coming from your left with the Wrench, and then
Grenade the Hovership coming in to drop off more troops. Smash the crates in
this area, and then go through the short hallway the Cop-bots came out of.

[To enter Aim Mode, hold down L1. You can then Aim with the Right Stick and
move with the Left Stick. Press the R1 Button to fire]

You can use this mode to take out the Hover-Saucer ahead of you. Enter Aim Mode
and equp the Combustor. Aim and fire at it a couple of times to blow it up. In
Aim Mode, Ratchet moves about Slowly and cannot Jump, but benefits from more
prescice aiming.

Smash the Crates and the Cop-bots with the Wrench, and throw a grenade at the
Hover-Saucer. Jump onto the Meteor Pad to get thrown up and then down past two
Spider-Mechs. A mech should say "Ratchet's escaping on the Meteor Pads! Track
his trajectory and converge on his position!" When this ends, you'll land on a
Purple Pad which will send you off to another balcony.


When you land, smash the Civ-bots on your right and head to your left to
dispose the Cop-bots. Smash the crates and Grenade the two Hover-Saucers. Watch
in the foreground as another building goes down. Head over the Sky Bridge and
a Mech will say "Lombax identified on the Sky Bridge. Commence aeriel
bombardment." Indeed, as you take out the Cop-bots with the Wrench, Clank will
say "Ratchet, the Sky Bridge is collapsing!", and the bridge behind you will
start to crubmle. Use the Fusion Grenades to take out any Mechs on the Bridge
and the Wrench on Cop-bots. It is around this point that your Health will
upgrade to 11 hit points.

[Nanotech acquired! The more Nanotech you have, the more damage you can take]

[[Second Nanotech Upgrade] Your maximun Nanotech level has increased!]

As you enter the next balcony, ignore the crates and smash the Cop-bots. Stay
on the balcony and let more flow through the doorway. When the two Mechs inside
get close to you, give them a grenade and walk inside. Cop-bots will flow out
of a detonated door on your right as two Jetpack Mechs come in through the door
on the other side. Throw a Groovitron to make them stop firing, then use the
Transmorpher to turn them into harmless Penguins! Use your Wrench to kill them
before they revert to their original states. Take out the two Jetpack Mechs and
smash the crates you ignored earlier. There are also crates on the far left
side of the rom and through the door on the right that the Cop-bots flowed out
of earlier.

Jump onto the Grind Rail, and you'll be taken around a building which will
promptly be destroyed. A Mech will say "THe Lombax has been sighted near the
Grav-Trains! All units, move in and cut him off!" Dodge the incoming
Grav-Trains and be taken to a balcony. Dispatch the enemies with the
Omniwrench, smash the boxes, and use the Metor Pads to launch yourself up to
another balcony. A mech will say "He's heading towards the Planet's Central
Defence Station! Dispatch all forces to that sector! Do not let him inside!"

Once again, destroy the Mechs with the Wrench, hit the boxes,
and use the Meteor Pad to move on. You'll land on a Purple Meteor Pad and be
thrown up to another Sky Bridge. As this happens, Clank will say "Ratchet, the
Planetary Defence Centre is 200 Cubits below us. How do you propose we get
down?", to which Ratchet replies "I dunno, I'm kinda winging it right now."


Equip the Combustor and/or the Gravity Bomb and dash down the Sky Bridge as it
collapses behind you. Jump over any gaps and quickly destroy the mechs you
meet along the way. Here, the Fusion Grenades should Upgrade to V2.

[Weapon has Upgraded! Weapons upgrade automatically as they are used. Upgrades
cause more damage and add Modifications]

After a while, the Sky Bridge will be destroyed and Ratchet will freefall.
Here, use the SIXAXIS to guide Ratchet through the traffic (as pointed out when
he says "They just HAD to invade during RUSH HOUR!"). There really isn't any
risk here in terms of Health, if you actually manage to it something, it won't
take off any damage. When you get close to the Platform/Bridge, the next
cutscene will play (#PDC).


Ratchet will start heading up (yes, up) the Grind Rail as a Hover-Saucer says
"We have a lock on the Lombax! Take him out!". Immediately jump out of the way
of the Hover-Saucer's laser, then back to the middle rail, as another will join
it and laser the side rails. You'll reach the top and curve round, where there
are more Mag-Trains heading right for you. Dodge all of them, and as two more
Hover-Saucers fly by, lasering the side rails, Clank will alert you of the lack
of two of the grind rails continuing by saying "My sensors are detecting
structual damage to the grind rail!". Leap over to the right-most rail and stay
there to remain safe. Ratchet will grind up as another Hover-Saucer will fly
to the side of the rail and take out two sections of the rail. Jump over these,
and the Hover-Saucer will say "All units, fall back! The Emporer has him in his

Indeed, one of the ships launching mortars will track you as you follow the
rail towards the camera. Clank will alert you by saying "Ratchet, that Warship
is gaining on us!" Dodge the lasers it fires as you slide down. The rails will
now turn to the left as the Warship will cease fire for a bit. It'll begin
firing once more as you make the final dash. Make it to then end of this
section and you've completed the demo! Now the final cutscene will play (#TTA).

=Cutscenes   #CSN=
As the cutscenes have no actual names, I've had to make some up for the guide.
When the actual names are known when the game is released, they will be
changed to suit.

=Introduction #ITN=
[A wide shot of Metropolis introduces the player to the demo level. The camera
pans down to the top of a building, where Ratchet and Clank can be seen
working on Ratchet's Sky Bike]

Clank: Fuel lines?

Ratchet: Check!

[The camera focuses on our heroes]

Clank: Horizontal Stabilizers?

Ratchet: Check! [Ratchet pokes his head up from the Sky Bike as he says this)

Clank: Ion Thrusters?

Ratchet: Looks like we've got a tailwind. If we time it right, we can ride the
slipstream of the Grav-Train, past the C Grid Traffic-

Clank: Ahem...

Ratchet:-Launch the Mag-grappler onto that Headway Overpass, and Slingshot
right up to-

Clank: Ratchet!

Ratchet: The thrusters are fine Clank! See?

[Ratchet activates the Thrusters, which results in them blowing. Clank doesn't
look amused as Ratchet carries an embarassed look on his face]

Ratchet: Don't worry! It's probably just a fused Ion Duct...

[Clank presses some buttons on the monitor he's holding]

Clank: Incoming message from Captain Quark.

[Camera moves in on monitor]

Captain Quark: Ratchet? Clank? I've uh, got a bit of a situation here at the
Planetary Defence Centre.

[Camera goes back to Duo]

Captain Quark: Nothing I can't handle, mind you, just a few... thousand...

[Back to Quark]

heavily armed robotic commandos, but I figured 'Hey, if you're in the
neighbourhood', maybe-AAAHH!!

[Back to Duo]

Captain Quark: Wait! I'm too handsome to die!

[Clank turns off the monitor as Ratchet holds a concerned look]

Clank: Hmm, heavily armed robotic commandos?

Ratchet: When AREN'T they heavily armed? [Ratchet pulls Clank up onto his
back seat and turns on the Sky Bike]

Clank: Are you sure this is functioning properly?

Ratchet: You worry too much [as the Sky Bike lifts off]! Planetary Defence
Centre, here we-[Engines shut off as they float into the sky]WOAAAAHHH!!!

[As the ship falls, Ratchet dodges bits of the building]

Ratchet: Clank, hit the Auxilarly Thrusters!!

[Clank does so, and the engines come back online as Ratchet screams through
the skies]

Ratchet: WOOHOOO!! [Turns to Clank] You alright?

Clank: Watch out! [points ahead]

Ratchet [while dodging stuff]: Oops, whoaaahh!!

[Ratchet swerves through Lamposts, eventually smashing through one]

Clank: Where are you going?

Ratchet: It's a shorcut. Trust me!

Clank [pointing ahead again]: Ratchet, look out!

[Ratchet whooshes into a traffic tunnel in a building]

Ratchet: Woah... see? What did I...?

[Ratchet looks ahead to see a Gadgetron Ship at the end of the tunne]

Clank: Oh no!

[The Sky Bike smashes into the ship, causing Rathcet and Clank to freefall
down to the ground. Ratchet climbs out of the rubble as Clank pushes one of
the engines off him]

Ratchet: Heh, well, looks like we're going on foot! At least I can try out my
new Nav Unit.

[Ratchet puts his finger on his buckle, presumably the Nav Unit, where it
starts glowing]

=The Planetary Defense Centre #PDC=

[Clank gently lets Ratchet float down in front of the Entrance of the Defence
Centre via his HeliPack Upgrade and lands]

Ratchet: Looks... pretty quiet. Where's Quark?

[Ratchet walks up to code pad and presses some buttons. An automated message
from Quark comes out of a speaker. An armada of ships comes shows up]

Quark: Greetings citizen! I'm away from my post at the Planetary Defence
Centre- [at this point Ratchet notices a large Spider Mech approacing him]
please enter the emergency which best describes your emergency. If you're being
attacked by an ameboid, please press 1! If you're being ingested by a
raidoactive space eel, please press 2! [at this point the mech is scanning our
duo. Ratchet moves away from it, and the mech classes Clank as a toaster. It
classes Ratchet as a threat and fires]If your city is under attack by a massive
deadly space armada, please press 3! Para Espanol oprima numero quatro-[Ratchet
dashes away as the Mech fires and blows up the door, covering it in flames and
knocking over a lampost onto a Grind Rail. Ratchet gets up, being knocked over
by the force of the blast]

Clank: I beleive you may be their intended target.

Ratchet: You think?

[Ratchet grabs Clank and jumps onto the lampost with his Grindbootsc as the
shoots at him]

=The Threat Arrives #TTA=

[Ratchet lands in shot, and as he gets to his feet, he is surrounded by mechs.
The ship that was chasing him lands in front of them, and a door, formed by the
hull of the front ofthe ship, opens. Ratchet and Clank look on cautiosly as
a large figure walks out. Nothing is shown of him except for his four large
mechanical legs. As our heroes take a step back, the screen goes black, and
the demo ends]

=Weapons, Gadgets and Combat Devices   #WGC=

=Omniwrench 8000=
This is Ratchet's standard weapon, and doubles as an effective mantinence
tool. You can swing a 3-Hit Combo with it by pressing Square 3 times. This is
good on single Mechs. You can also perform a Hyper-Stike by jumping and
presing Square, which deals more damage the higher up in the air you are (so
if you come off a Grind Rail and are falling towards enemies, a Hyper Strike
just when you get off can deal 3 hits worth of damage.

The final move is the Comet-Strike. Crouch with R2 and press Square to have
Ratchet throw his wrench. This is handy when a line of small, weak enemies is
chasing you. Ratchet can also walk off while he is without his Wrench. This can
effectively extend it's range if used properly.

The Wrench is the reccomended weapon for smashing boxes, as it consumes no
ammo, in addition to Cop-Bots, Slimes and Civ-Bots. This weapon also does not

This weapon fires out small fireballs towards targeted enemies. This is
effectively the demo's machine gun. This weapon deals out about one and a half
hit's worth of damage.

V2: The shots now have an increased number of the times they bounce on the
ground, and should also set it on fire.

V3: More Power

V4: MORE Power

V5: Magma Combustor: Even MORE power. There are also now three barrels on the
weapon, meaning that you have three times the power!

=Fusion Grenades=
A sort of combination of the Bomb Glove from Ratchet and Clank 1 and the
Bomb-lobbing gun series from the other games, this glove throws a grenade which
explodes with tremendous force, dishing out a powerful amount of damage, enough
to take out any enemy in one hit, save for the Spider Mech. It has a limited
amount of ammo however, but due to the frequency of ammo crates in the level,
using it often shouldn't be much of a problem.

This weapon is great for taking out groups of Mechs and Hover-Saucers, as the
charge explodes when it gets NEAR enemies, not when it hits them.

V2: The explosion is now larger, meaning you can take out more enemies in a
single fell swoop.

V3: More Power

V4: MORE Power

V5: Fusion Bombs: Even MORE Power, plus, when there's a explosion, little
bomblets are released which bounce towards enemies (Similer to the Bouncer
from RaC2 and RaC3)

Ratchet acquired these in the first game from an inve-Gadget Engineer, and
allow him to slide along thin rails. Here, he can only use his Omniwrench to
attack. Ratchet can also jump to adjacent rails by leaning over to the rail
with the Left Analog Stick and Jumping over to it.

Also acquired from the first Ratchet and Clank game from Al, this allows a
variety of functions to aid Ratchet. The first and most frequently used
is the Stretch-Jump. By crouching and pressing X while moving, Ratchet will
leap forward and Clank will push him forwards. This is handy for crossing
long areas a bit faster. You can also pull into a Hyper-Srike in mid-air.

The next most used move is Glide. By simply holding X, Clank will keep Ratcher
in the air and let him gently float down. This is useful when you don't know
if there's a platform underneath you to land on. The final move is the
High-Jump. By staying still, crouching, and pressing X, Clank will boost
Ratchet up high into the air, handy for getting up to higher ledges. You can
also pull a 'level 3' Hyperstrike by pressing Square at the top of the jump.

[Combat Devices]
This could be seen as an advanced version of the Decoy Glove from RaC1. Ratchet
will throw a Groovitron Orb (a Disco ball), and the lights will turn on, music
will play and the enemies will get down and funky!! Each enemy has their own
unique dance, and whilst they're strutting their stuff, you can attack them
with whatever weapon you choose, and they won't snap out of it! It lasts for
about 10 seconds, and is very handy when you want some enemies to just stay
still. Combat Devices don't get Ammo from crates, so you only have 3 Orbs to
use in the Demo.

This weapon continues the trend of Morph weapons in RaC. Taking the form of an
innocent snowball, the combat device bursts when it hits the ground or an enemy
(or in an enemy's proximity). Any enemies caught in the blast are instantly
turned into lovable penguins (with three varying outfits! Collect them all)!!
They stay that way for a good 30 seconds before reverting back to their
previous form, however, as penguins they're completely vulnerable to attack.
Like the Groovitron, being a Combat Device means you only get 3 Snowballs, so
use it wisely!

=Enemies and Fodder   #EFD=

=Basic Mech=
These guys are the common Mech type in the level, and come in two types. Clawed
Mechs work soley on the ground, and attack by crushing you with their pronged
Claws. The second type fires laser shots, and can also fly using a Jetpack
Modification. These are best taken out with the Fusion Grenades in groups or
whilst flying, or with the Combutstor when attacking you solo

Groovitron Move: Pelvic Thrusts and Spins (Fancy Flying for Jetpack Mechs)

=Spider Mech=
Spider Mechs can be seen around the buildings of Metropolis firing about the
place, searching for Ratchet. You only get to fight one of these once, and
even then you have to distract it. Sadly, it's indestructible no matter how
powerful your weapons are.

Groovitron Move: Spunky Stomping

These enemies float in the air and are basic scout troops. They fire with dual
lasers directly at you, so watch out. A quick Fusion Grenade can easily take
them out, however.

Groovitron Move: Fan Thrusting

The Hovership is seen flying into battle to drop off extra troops (five, to be
prescise). They pose no danger as they hold no weapons, however the cargo
is what you should be worried about. The best weapon to use on them is the
Fusion Grenades, and if you're quick enough, you can destroy the ship before
it drops off it's cargo.

No Groovitron Move

Cop-Bots are Metropolis' basic defence force. They come in swarms and attack
you with short, high voltage shocks. These guys are easily taken out with the
Wrench, although in extremely large groups a Groovitron is reccomended.

Groovitron Move: Sky Pointing

When you defeat a Basic Mech, the fishbowl smashes, leaving this little guy.
They are completely harmless with out their Mech Suits, and will gasp for air.
When they spot you, they will then cower in total fear. The Wrench is best used
for these guys, however they can be killed by being stepped on, too! When
killed they give you extra bolts.

Groovitron Move: Tentacle Bouncing

=Robot Civilian=
These little robots are also harmless, however they yeild bolts when destroyed.
The best way to do this is with the Wrench.

No Groovitron move in the PSN Demo, however they do stand still. In the
Gamespot demo, Civilians do The Robot.

=Transmorpher Penguin=
These little guys can come in three varieties: One with a Scarf and Beanie (in
Green, Yellow and Purple), another with a Top Hat and Monicle, and a final one
wearing a Captain Quark Mask. In any case, they used to be bone-tough killing
machines, and will revert that way after 30 seconds. The Wrench is reccomended
against them.

Groovitron Move: Penguin Bop

=Frequently Asked Questions=
Being on the Tools of Destruction Forums, I know the majority of these
questions off by heart. Read these before sending me any emails to see if
they may answer your question.

Q: Is there [insert feature here]?
A: Here's the basic checklist for the most frequently asked of the, well,
frequently asked quesions:

                | GS Demo | PSN Demo | Full Game
480p/i          |   Yes   |   Yes    |    Yes
720p/i          |   Yes   |   Yes    |    Yes
1080i           |   No    |   Yes    |    Yes
1080p           |   No    |   No     |   Likely
Strafing        |   Yes   |   Yes    |    Yes
Lock-Strafe     |   No    |   No     |    Yes
360 or Wii Port |  Never  |   Never  |   Never
Multiplayer     |   NO    |   NO     |     NO

Yes, there is no Multiplayer in Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.
This has been asked a mind-blowing amount of times and it just can't be said
enough. This has been confirmed since around March or so, so I can't understand
why some people, avidly excited about the game, do not know about this yet. NO

Moving on, the Weapons Upgrade to V5, there is Challenge Mode, and it IS hard
this time and The Plumber is back.

Q: Will the PSN Demo be released on the PAL PSN Store?
A: As of the latest update of this Guide, no. Sucks, doesn't it? :(

Q: Wait, then how did YOU get the demo if you're in a PAL region?
A: Trade Secret. ;)

Q: Okay, so how do I get the Disk-based Demo?
A: Pop over to your local Gamestop and pre-order Ratchet and Clank Future:
Tools of Destruction. You should get the disk in the mail.

Q: But... Gamestop is an American Store...
A: Yup. PAL doen't get any slack cut, does it?

Q: Any differences between the Gamestop Demo and the PSN one?
A: There are many changes, both large and small, between the demos. The full
list can be found in the next section of the Guide (#CNG).

Q: [After reading the Demo Differences bit]So the PSN Demo is better then?
A: In almost every way, yes. However, that doesnt meant you shouldn't accept a
Gamestop demo with open arms. It may become a collectible in a few years from
now. Not a major one, but still. Think about that and the fact that you got it
for free, and when you sell it you'll get a goodly cash payback (yes, I speak
very good England!)

[The next few questions are from Gastroid's Commonly Asked Questions Thread on
the ToD Board on GameFAQs. Therefore, the following messages are his, not mine]

Q: Just WHY won't Tools of Destruction go to the 360 or the Wii?
A: Insomniac has an excellent partnership with Sony. This includes over a
decade of service to them only catering to Sony systems. A change would result
in the loss of R&C for Insomniac and the lack of a partnership with a game
company. Insomniac has basically mastered Sony game consoles during their time
with them, and moving to another console would limit the gameplay, as Insomniac
has no knowledge of over systems.

Also, the PS3 is the only game console that can handle the graphics of Tools of
Destruction. The processor power required to get 60 frames per second, along
with advanced Pixar-style graphics is amazingly high. This game is pushing a
higher limit to what the PS3 is thought to be capable of.

Ratchet and Clank will never be on a non-Sony console.

Q:Is there a picture of Emperor Tachyon?
A: There is only one source, and it is on the Japanese R&C site. Go to
Character nd select the Emperor.

Q: Hey! Why do only the Japanese get it?
A: Ratchet and Clank is only a quasi-popular game in most of the world. You
know, your average game. However, in Japan R&C is a very popular game series.
Insomniac doesnít want to lose the Japanese crowd, so they have in the past
given the Japanese exclusive pictures and codes. This is no exception.

Q: Is this a kiddy game?
A: Would a kiddy game have innuendo and maniacal dictators hoping to kill all
life just to earn a buck (Drek)? Donít let the graphics fool you; this game
isnít for little kids.

Q: What are the [known] weapons in this game? [The Retail Version]
A: Alpha Disruptor ; Ravenger ; Reaper ; The Negotiator ; Predator Rockets ;
Tornado Launcher ; Plasma Beasts ; Combustor ; Pyro Blaster ; Magnet Launcher ;
Turncoat Bombs ; Fusion Grenades ; Buzz Blades

Q: Alright, what about Gadgets?
A: Geolaser ; Levitator ; Gyro Cycle ; Decrypter ; Hologuise (costumes) ; PDA ;
Gelantor ; Hypershot

Q: Combat Devices?
A: Groovitron ; Transmorpher ; Mr Zukon ; Visicopter ; Death Slinkies

Q: When will Tools of Destruction come out?
A: The release dates are as follows:

10/30/07 US
11/08/07 AU
11/09/07 EU
11/11/07 JP

=Changes between the Demo versions   #CNG=

As the Gamestop Demo and PSN Demo were released nearly four months apart, there
were some big changes in the demo builds. The demo disk from Gamestop is
essentially the demo Insomniac used at E3, and there are some big differences
between it and the PSN build, as the E3 build was in July, and the PSN build
uses the final October code used in the actual release of the game

The main two changes are improvements in Screen Tearing and Framerate. The
Gamestop Demo has these issues punctuated throughout much of the game. The
framerate also drops whenever things get a bit too busy on-screen. Apparently
the PSN Demo also runs at 1080i, whereas the GS one runs at a maximum of 720,
however this is yet to be fully comfirmed. Presumably, since PSN the demo runs
on the same code as used in the full game, which runs at 1080i, it should as

AmanoJ and biggs03 on the GameFAQ forums were also kind enough to list the
various differences in the demo builds. Here are the lists they each provided:

=biggs03's Changes List=

-Start Screen has changed. In the Disk Demo it was a static image of Ratchet
looking over the city. The PSN Deo has a full video of Ratchet working on the
Sky Bike. Waiting in the PSN Demo will also result in a screening of the Sizzle
Reel. The Options Menu has also been added.

-The Controls have been altered/added to. On the GS Demo, either L2 or R2 would
cause Ratchet to Strafe, and Crouch was mapped to R1. In the PSN Demo, Crouch
was moved down to R2 to make room for Fire to be controlled via R1. Also of
note is that that PSN Demo does not give you an aiming reticule until you
equip the Combustor (the only weapon suitable for a proper reticule) when you
activate Over The Shoulder mode via L1, whereas the GS Demo had it on screen
all the time.

-The Options available in the Options Menu has changed. For whatever reason,
the PSN Demo does not allow you to reverse the camera controls, whilst the GS
Demo does. Also missing are options to control control Camera Speed and
SIXAXIS, however the PSN demo does add Volume Controls and the option to turn
the Helpdesk off.

-Additional voicework has been added in game. Various enemies will now comment
on Ratchet's dangerous-ness to them and where he is headed, and course of
action, which was never in the GS Demo. Also added were various exchanges
between the two heroes.

-The PSN Demo adds an extra Help Desk entry when your weapon upgrades. The
upgrade sound may also be slightly different.

-A Spider-Mech was added on the balcony you land on after the first Meteor Pad.

-The Groovitron now plays a selection of songs, rather than just one in the GS

=AmanoJ's Changes List=

-The Robot Civilians have completely changed in design. They also do not dance
to the Groovitron.

-The Fish Heads that remain after you kill a mech have been added upon. They
can now be killed by being stepped on, and are less prone to get stuck in the

-The Explosions of the Fusion Grenades and Mechs have changed. The 'coils' of
either weapon has been vastly toned down.

-The bits of Ratchet's Sky Bike at the beggining of the level now arc with

-The Crouch animation has been smoothened.

-The Combustor shots no longer arc to the ground, making it behave less like
the Meteor Gun and more like a basic Blaster. The Auto-aim has also been
improved upon.

-The targeting reticule for each weapon have also been changed.

-A few buildings in the background have had their colours altered slightly. The
Purple Meteor Pads have also had a colour alteration.

-Whilst grinding, falling buildings no longer go through other adjacent
buildings, as these have been removed.

-Some of the Help Desk Text has been altered.

-The Quick Select Ring now displays the other two adjacent rings, however you
are unable to select them.

-Subtle aspects of the opponents have changed, such as firing rate, colour of
the blasts, AI and damage reduction, among other things.

-The Hover-Saucer's now have a transparent dome on the front revealing a Slug-
Fish. In the GS Demo, this was just a red dome, so the Hover-Saucer was
presumed to be a robot.

-Clipping problems have been accounted for (but not totally, as ammo sometimes
gets stuck in the scenery until you collect it).

-Objects late into the demo have had their textures changed.

-You can now access the map by pressing Select.

-The shots from the Warship have changed from Purple to Orange.

=Other Users List=
The Experience Bar has had its colour adjusted so that it is easier to see
your experience level. [lisa2damarcus of the IG Forums]

-The Transmorpher icon has changed from it's placeholder. The original icon was
of the Morph Mod icon used in Deadlocked (which was also taken from the Sheild
Carger icon from Up Your Arsenal). Additionally, the Experience Bar for the
Groovitron and Transmorpher have been removed, as Combat Devices do not
upgrade. [TrueDozenMarks of the IG Forums]

- There are no Skill Points availible to acquire in the GS Demo.
[RichardFeybman of the IG Forums]

Any additional improvements will be welcomed into the list.

=Extras   #EXT=

=Skill Points #SKP=
Skill Points were first introduced in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (Gateway to Glimmer
for PAL territories). These are special acheivments in the game which unlock
various Extras, usually Cheats. In the demo you can acquire three, although you
cannot use them for anything. You cannot get a Skill Point more than once.

:Chorus Line:
:Get Ten enemies to dance using the Groovitron:
This is best acquired in the large room just before you take the Grind rail to
up and dodge traffic (it's also just after the first crumbling Sky Bridge).
There's a ton of Cop-Bots there to get their groove on.

:It's Like the South Pole in Here:
:Convert a total of 20 Enemies into Penguins:
Like the above two Skill Points, this is best acheived in the room after the
first Sky Bridge. Skip the first wave of Cop-bots and make your way inside.
Jump around and keep moving to avoid getting hurt. When all the enemies are
bunched up in one place, convert them with a snowball. You may need to use the
last two of your shots to get the remainders. You DO NOT have to get 20
conversions all in one throw.

:Happy Feat:
:Get Ten Penguins to dance at once using the Groovitron:
This is also best acquired in the same room as above. Jump inside and dodge the
shots. It is easiest to equip the Groovitron and THEN use the Transmorpher, as
the enemies will cease fire and remain still.

=Random Tidbits and Things you Didn't Notice #TDN=

This is a list of very small and subtle things which you may not have noticed
as you played the game. They'll be listed in general order.

- If you play the game in Japanese, you get to hear different Groovitron tunes.
Insteado of the 70's Disco beats of the English version, the Japanese
Groovitron plays Techno tracks, all starting with 'Let's go to the party!', and
each with their own set of lyrics (distorted by a digital effect). One of them
is even a techno remix of Courtney Gears' hit single from UYA.

- As Ratchet walks forward, Clanks hands flap up and down. This is most
noticable when you go into Over-The-Shoulder mode and you walk forwards or

- At the start, turn around and jump into the top-most canals behind Ratchet.
Go into OTS Mode and pull the camera up above the water and you'll see
Ratchet's fur sheen. This will be more noticable in the full game when you
have underwater segments.

- Near the above area, if you tilt the camera up and towards the wall, you will
see a gap in between the canal. This is best seen with Ratchet standing on the
edge of the canal next to the wall.

- Turn left at the start and head towards the plants. Go into OTS Mode and walk
towards the overhanging vine. Pull the camera up and down to see the glossy
sheen that they have.

- When you equip the Combustor, Ratchet has a devious look on his face.

- Conversely, Ratchet still retains a wondorous look on his face when he
Glides, similar to the one in the previous games in similar situations.

- If you take a close look at Ratchet's model in-game, you will see the fur
and eye refraction found in the cutscenes. This means that the Ratchet model
you play as is the same one you see in the cutscenes.

- When you equip the Fusion Grenades, Ratchet moves his hand and arm about as
if seeing how the glove feels on his hand. The is provided you keep Ratchet

- You can still destroy the vehicles flying about Metropolis, however, unlike
the ones in RaC1 and 2, they do not give you bolts. This is best acheived at
the balcony with the first Grind Rail. The explosions are also substantially

- The leaves of the trees are actually basic 2D Sprites, in the sense that they
always face the camera.

- When you cross the first walkway, defeat the Mechs and the Cop-bots. Then
turn around and stand on the white marble blocks. Move the camera to face
towards Ratchet's right to see a sheen on the marble.

- After crossing the first walkway, jump to the tree with gree leaves to the
right. Go into OTS mode and look at the rocks. Turn the camera about to see
the subtle sheen that the rocks have.

- If you stand around the trees, you may notice leaves floating out of the
trees and through the air.

- In the same area, use OTS mode and move the camera to see the sheen on the

- The Slug-Fish actually have a hexagon sheen to them. This is best seen when
they're bouncing up and down out of their Mech Suits, and in the first ToD
Trailer when a Mech walks closely towards the screen.

- The fillant of the Quark Statue (the green stuff) is the same stuff used in
the Sky Bridge.

- The Meteor Pads have small distortion particles above it. This is best seen
in OTS mode.

- You cannot fall off ledges if you are in OTS Mode.

- Although there are around 12 ships in the sky, only two of them actually
launch mortars (the other mortars in the level just spawn out of the sky). One
of them can be found when you use the second Meteor Pad, and one of the Mortars
hits the side of a building near Ratchet. The second can be found whilst
grinding the first Train Section.

- After completing the demo, play it again and get to the first Grind Rail.
Stand on the left side and walk towards the rounded corner. Look down to see
the starting section. Look at the green hole behind and above you, and follow
the rail coming out of it to the orange platform to see the last section of
the game. Look below you to see the section at the end of the Grind Rail next
to you, with enemies already rendered and in position.

- Whilst grinding down the rail, look at the windows of the building in the
foreground to see the reflections move as you pass by it.

- Then watch as that same building collapses. :D

- At the second gap in the rail, don't jump. As Ratchet falls, you will see
the crumbling building go through the base that held it up.

- There are many sections of the game with impossible rails. The first is when
you're grinding around the building. When a section of the rail gets taken out,
you have to jump over it. Another section a short way ahead is also taken out.
For a split second, you can see that this results in the rail floating in mid-

- After defeating the enemies at the end of this Grind Rail, head over to the
far end and jump onto the Plant Bed to your left. Look to your right to see
the Grind Rail heading from the entrance of the Planetary Defence Centre
(follow this to the right to see the rail go through several buildings). Far
above that you'll find the Sky Bridge which Ratchet accidentally free-falled
from. Follow that to the left to find the end of the first Train Grind and
the balconies with the Meteor Pads on them.

- Even though they have Slug-Fish in them, Hover-Saucers do not have one that
falls down after the Hover-Saucer is killed. Presumably they got obliterated
in the explosion.

- Before you jump onto the next Meteor Pad, look up and to the left a bit to
see the first Sky Bridge.

- When using the third Meteor Pad, look at the train coming out of the tunnel,
and notice the real-time shading it has as it exits the tunnel.

- After this, look behind and below you to see where the collapsed building
used to be. If you angle the camera right, you can see the base of the building
as well, which also collapses as soon as you look at it. Jump off the cliff.
When you respawn, look at that same position to find that the building has
respawned. Also, if you look at the Grind Rail set above you that splits into
three, follow the one to the left and you'll find that it stops suddenly.
Finally, if you smashed the boxes to your left when you respawn, two of them
will just drop from a small distance onto each other.

- If you use the Free Camera Sky Bridge Glitch (explained below) before the
collapsing Skybridge, you can go to the corner on the right side and look down
to see the rest of the other collapsed building fall down. You will also see a
point where the cars spawn, and looking straight ahead, you can se the giant
metal replica of Kerwan that you grind past in the second half of the level,
after reaching the entrance to the Planetary Defence Centre.

- The fillant of the Sky Bridge (the green stuff) is the same stuff used for
the Captain Quark Statue.

- Another instance of impossible Rails is at the next Grind Rail. When you
reach to top, two rails will appear above you. At the end of the grind, these
get destroyed. Logically, this would mean that they should fall down, as they
now have nothing holding them up. For the left rail, it shouldn't be up in the
first place, as noted by the sudden stop above.

- As you grind up the next rail, look below and to your right to see the
final platform Ratchet lands on at the end.

- As you turn the corner to the right, the building with the tall, oval hole
in it is the building at the beginning where Ratchet crashed his Sky Bike.

- When the second Sky Bridge is destroyed, as Ratchet falls there is no sign
of the rubble of the bridge falling, nor is there any sign of it in the
following cutscene.

- Guide Ratchet to the left with the SIXAXIS and pay attention to the waterfall
coming out of a building. As it gets covered in the clouds below, it

- Also, if you fall to the right near the end, you can see a Spider-Mech fade
in to the side, who will appear later in the cutscene. Note that in the,
the Spider-Mech is still the original purple colour.

- After the first tunnel in the next Grinding sequence, look to the right to
see the first Grind Rail.

- The Planet Sphere you see as you start heading upwards on the Grind Rail is
Kerwan from UYA (Kerwan from the original game looked like Coruscant from Star

- The third and final impossible rail is when you grind upwards (which,
ironically, is also impossible). The Hover-Saucer flies to the side and takes
out two sections of the rail, leaving a section floating in mid-air.

- As you take the last corner of the last Grind Rail section, you can see the
building Ratchet crashed next to again. However, this time you can look all the
way down to the bottom.

=Glitches #GLH=
There are several different Glitches you can exploit in the Demo, and nearly
all of them are found in the Gamestop Demo, as a result of the older code

=Both Demos

-After you use the second Meteor Pad, you'll come across a Sky Bridge which
will collapse when you walk over it. The camera will usually be locked in a
position high above, to emphasize the height you are at. To use the normal,
adjustable camera, Enter OTS Mode when the camera is adjustable and walk over,
holding the button down. The camera should enter the fixed position. Click
L3, whilst still holding L1, and the camera shuld snap back to to OTS mode.
Let go of L1 to get the Adjustable Camera! [courtesy of biggs03 from the
GameFAQs Forum]

=Credits  #CRD=

A big thanks must go out to the guys at Insomniac Games, who are able to
consistently release quality titles every year. Also worth of note are Toppot
and RichardFeynman of the Insomniac Games Forums. Toppot, for being able to
save me the trouble of upgrading the weapons just to find out what they do
next, And RichardFeynman for being able to tell me the three Skill Points in
the Demo.

I also should thank my sister, who was able to play through the game to get
some of the voice clips for me in the game whilst I worked elsewhere on the

Finally, I MUST thank David Bergeaud, who's music is absolutely brilliant and
continued to dazzle, inspire and amaze me track by track.

Thanks guys!