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Virtua Fighter 5 (Jacky Bryant)
By: Alex "Joker" Hall
Started on: April 30, 2007
Completed on: September 12, 2007
E-Mail: Sanctuary_Remix@yahoo.com

-  Well I'll put it simply....I've been working on getting a Virtua Fighter 5
   walkthrough up as a means of my "coming out of retirement" kinda deal.  Well
   I'm still hard at work with it, but I figured as much that I should at least
   put out there some character walkthroughs as well.  I was planning on doing
   this in the first place once I got the full walkthrough up, but I figured
   what the hell....lets do it now.  So with that being said I'm here to give
   you all this guide on Jacky.

-  As with every other guide that I've wrote, this guide is my own property!  I
   happily made this for all to enjoy and to use, and all that I ask is that if
   you are planning on using this for your site, then just ask me for permission
   ok.  I'm really easy to get along with and generally don't mind it so long as
   you ask for my permission first.  Don't go thinking "Oh he'll never say ok,
   lets just rip the guide and post it anyways" because that's a flawed way of
   thinking.  Just give it a shot sometime and you may be surprised!  My e-mail
   box is always open!

-  A big reminder to everyone out there....if you're looking for updates to this
   guide, then head on over to www.gamefaqs.com.  I write for that site and that
   site only.....or at least, that's where the guide's origins are.  Any update
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   other hundreds of sites have my guides up for their use and have to go and
   update it on their site as well, so save yourself some trouble and headache
   and check my guide out at GameFAQs ok.  I really don't want to deal with a
   million e-mails asking me about updates and info and such when I'm telling
   you now what to do.

* Jacky Bryant *
  = Backstory and Stats
  = Move Set
  = Costumes and Clothes Sets
  = Personal Opinion
(User Created Tactics)

*** Jacky Bryant ***

...........,........ .....,,,,::,,,,:~~=~=========II7??I?=77$$?+==:~,,:,,~::~~~~
...................  .....,:..,,::+77$$$7II?+======+?I??I??$7I+=:~,=~:::::::~~~~
.....................,. .....,~~===??+++?????++++=====+++?===~++?+=+~,,,,::~~~~~
==~,,,~I8Z=::::,:::,,::::::,,,,~,DN.$$77?:.... . MNNNNN$$DD8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
=~:,,=8D$?~:,:,.,~,:,:~::::.,:,,?~O+.7777I+:.    ,NDZ$8ONDD8DDD8DDDDDDDDD88OOOOO
+=:+7NDZ+~:~~~=,.:,,::::::,.,:::Z:$+..IIIII?:  ...~7$ZO8DDD8DDD8DDDDDDD888OOOZZZ

-  Backstory  -

-  Jacky could barely contain his anger against J6, the mysterious organization
   that was after his sister, Sarah.  He was goaded into entering the Fourth
   World Fighting Tournament, but then had to deal with the disappearance of
   Vanessa, who had been guarding his sister.  Even in his races, the continuing
   series of incidents, including sudden pull-outs by his sponsors and
   improbable mechanical breakdowns, seemed to indicate someone tampering with
   his racing career.  J6 was behind everything and unless the organization
   itself was destroyed, there would be no end to Jacky and Sarah's troubles.
   with this new realization, Jacky was determined to put an end to J6.  With
   almost perfect timing, the invitation to the fifth tournament arrives.

-  Stats  -

   Nationality - American
   Birthday - 8/28/1970
   Hobby - Training
   Height - 182 cm (5'11 1/2)
   Weight - 75 kg (165 lbs)
   Measurements - 110/87/92
   Blood Type - A
   Occupation - IndyCar Racer
   Fighting Style - Jeet Kune Do
   Voice Actor - N/A
   First Game - Virtua Fighter

-  Move Set -

-  Now it's time to learn how to use Jacky properly.  Remember, you can always
   go into Dojo and use Command Training to perfect using these moves properly.

   * Legend *
   P = Punch
   K = Kick
   G = Guard
   => = Forward
   <= = Back
   \ = Forward/Down
   / = Backward/Down
   ^ = Up
   | = Down
   Hold = Hold certain direction and/or button for at least one sec before
   HCF = Half Circle Forward starting from Back
   HCB = Half Circle Back starting from Forward
   UF = Up/Forward
   UB = Up/Back

   * Normal Moves *

   Straight Lead - P
   Jab Straight - P,P
   Flash Piston Punch - P,P,P
   Double Punch Slash Kick - P,P,K
   Double Punch Slash Kick~Slide Shuffle - P,P,K,<=
   Double Punch Middle Smash - P,P,=>,P
   Combo Smash Back Knuckle - P,P,=>,P,P
   Combo Smash Back Knuckle~Side Slide Shuffle - P,P,=>,P,P,|(or ^),P+K+G
   Combo Smash Back Knuckle Spin - P,P,=>,P,P,K
   Combo Smash Back Knuckle Spin~Slide Shuffle - P,P,=>,P,P,K,<=
   Combo Smash Back Knuckle Low - P,P,=>,P,P,|,K
   Rib Crush - P,P,=>,P,P,P+K
   Combo Smash Sword - P,P,=>,P,K
   Jab Straight Back Knuckle - P,P,<=,P
   Jab Straight Back Knuckle~Side Slide Shuffle - P,P,<=,P,|(or ^),P+K+G
   Combo Back Knuckle Spin - P,P,<=,P,K
   Jab Double Straight - P,P,^,P
   Punch High Kick - P,K
   Punch Side Kick - P,<=,K
   Middle Smash - =>,P
   Middle Smash Back Knuckle - =>,P,P
   Middle Smash Back Knuckle~Side Slide Shuffle - =>,P,P,|(or ^),P+K+G
   Middle Back Knuckle Spin - =>,P,P,K
   Middle Back Knuckle Spin~Slide Shuffle - =>,P,P,K,<=
   Low Slash - =>,P,P,|,K
   Rib Crush - =>,P,P,P+K
   Middle Smash Sword - =>,P,K
   Spinning Back Knuckle - <=,P
   Spinning Back Knuckle~Side Slide Shuffle - <=,P,|(or ^),P+K+G
   Double Back Knuckle - <=,P,P
   Spinning Arm Kick - <=,P,K
   Spinning Back Knuckle Low Slash - <=,P,|,K
   Spinning Slant Back Knuckle - <=,P,/,P
   Side Hook Turn - <=,<=,P
   Squat Straight - |,P
   Smash Upper - Hold |,\,P
   Smash Straight - \,P
   Smash Straight Hook - \,P,P
   Lighting Back Knuckle - \,P,P,P
   Smash Back Knuckle - \,P,P,P+K (can be charged)
   Slant Back Knuckle - /,P
   Rage Kick - /,P,K
   Smash Kick - K
   Forward Kick - Hold =>,K
   Flash Sword Kick - Hold =>,K then G just before hit
   Smash Kick~Back Knuckle - K,P
   Smash Kick~Back Knuckle~Slide Shuffle - K,P,<=
   Smash Kick~Back Knuckle~Side Slide Shuffle - K,P,|(or ^),P+G+K
   Combo Knuckle Spin Kick - K,P,K
   Combo Knuckle Low - K,P,|,K
   Double Spinning Kick - K,K
   Knee Kick - =>,K
   Dash Hammer Kick - =>,=>,K
   Standing Knee Kick - <=,K
   Standing Knee Kick Combo - <=,K,K
   Groin Kick - <=,=>,K
   Spinning Kick Turn - <=,<=,K
   Smash Low Kick - |,K
   Fake Elbow - |,K then P just before hit
   Fake Elbow Back Knuckle - |,K then P,P just before hit
   Low Kick - Hold |(or /) K
   Middle Kick - \,K
   Middle Kick~Jab - \,K,P
   Middle Kick~Jab~Side Slide Shuffle - \,K,P,|(or ^) P+K+G
   Spin Kick Combination - \,K,P,K
   Spin Kick Combination~Slide Shuffle - \,K,P,K,<=
   High Angle Upper Kick - \,\,K
   Somersault Kick - UB,K
   Double Dragon - UF,K
   Beat Knuckle - P+K
   Beat and Back Knuckle - P+K,P
   Beat Spin Kick - P+K,K
   Beat Spin Kick~Slide Shuffle - P+K,K,<=
   Chopping Left - =>,P+K
   Chopping Left~Slide Shuffle - =>,P+K,<=
   Chopping Left~Side Slide Shuffle - =>,P+K,|(or ^) P+K+G
   Chopping Left Combo - =>,P+K,P
   Sway Hook - <=,P+K
   Bil Jee - <=,=>,P+K
   Lighting Kick 1 - |,P+K
   Lighting Kick 2 - |,P+K,K
   Lighting Kick 3 - |,P+K,K,K
   Lighting Kick 4 - |,P+K,K,K,K
   Lighting Kick 5 - |,P+K,K,K,K,K
   Body Blow - \,P+K
   Rage of Dragons - \,P+K then P+G during hit
   Dragon Combination 1 - /,P+K
   Dragon Combination 2 - /,P+K,P
   Dragon Combination 2~Side Slide Shuffle - /,P+K,P,|(or ^) P+K+G
   Dragon Combination 3 - /,P+K+,P,P
   Spinning Kick - K+G
   Spinning Kick~Slide Shuffle - K+G,<=
   Spinning Kick Low Spin Kick - K+G,|,K+G
   Step-In Middle Kick - =>,=>,K+G
   Step-In Middle Kick~Turn - =>,=>,K+G,<=
   Spin Heel Sword - <=,K+G
   Middle Spin Kick - <=,=>,K+G
   Leg Slicer - |,K+G
   Spin Leg Slicer - |,K+G,K
   Jumping Savate - ^,K+G
   Head Hook Kick - \,K+G
   Switch Step - P+K+G
   Switch Spin Kick - P+K+G,K
   Switch Spin Kick~Slide Shuffle - P+K+G,K,<=
   Barrier Kick - P+K (during Defensive Move)
   Sidestep Body - P (during Offensive Move)
   Sidestep Hammer Kick - K (during Offensive Move)

   * Moves from Side Slide Shuffle *

   Spear Elbow - From Side Slide Shuffle: P
   Elbow Back Knuckle - From Side Slide Shuffle: P,P

   * Moves from Side Shuffle *
   Slide Shuffle - <=,P+K+G
   Flash Back Knuckle - From Slide Shuffle: P
   Step-In Sword - From Slide Shuffle: K
   Step-In Sword~Cancel - From Slide Shuffle: K, then G before hit
   Step-In Low Crush - From Slide Shuffle: |,K
   Step-In Low Crush~Slide Shuffle - From Slide Shuffle: |,K,<=
   Step-In Low Slash High - From Slide Shuffle: |,K,K
   Dragon Back Knuckle - From Slide Shuffle: P+K
   Ducking - From Slide Shuffle: \,\
   Ducking~Heavy Body - From Slide Shuffle: \,\,P
   Ducking~Toe Kick - From Slide Shuffle: \,\,K
   Toe Kick Somersault Kick - From Slide Shuffle: \,\,K then P+G during hit
   Ducking~Fire Darts - From Slide Shuffle: \,\,K+G
   * Throws *
   Face Smash Kick - P+G
   One-Inch Blow - =>,P+G
   One-Inch Blow~Switch Back Blow Combo - =>,P+G,|(or ^)
   Dragon Fist - =>,=>,P+G
   Knee Strike - =>,<=,P+G
   Dragon Snap - \,P+G
   Sadistic Hanging Knee - \,\,P+G
   Wall Face Crush - (wall behind opponent) =>,=>,P+G
   Neck Slashing - (on opponent's left or right) P+G
   Face Crusher - (opponent facing away) P+G

   * Moves from Pak Sao *

   Pak Sao - Lever neutral (vs high/mid punch)
   Pak Sao Knuckle - From Pak Sao: P

   * Down Attacks *
   Soccerball Kick - (opponent down) \,K
   Jumping Knee Stamp - (opponent down) ^,P

   * Back Attacks *

   Turn Knuckle - (opponent behind) P
   Turn Slant Back Knuckle - (opponent behind) |,P
   Rage Kick - (opponent behind) |,P,K
   Turn Kick - (opponent behind) K
   Turn Kick~Slide Shuffle - (opponent behind) K,<=
   Turn Low Spin Kick - (opponent behind) |,K
   Blind Back Knuckle - (opponent behind) P+K
   Slide Shuffle - (opponent behind) P+K+G
   * Jump Attacks *
   Elbow - (while rising) P
   Step Straight - (in midair) P
   Step Hook Kick - (while rising or in midair) K
   Step Heel Kick - (before landing) K
   * Wall Moves *

   React Round Kick - (wall in front) <=,P+K+G
   Wall Back Roll - (wall in front) UB,P+K+G

-  Costumes and Clothes Set  -

-  All Costume Items that can be bought and the costume types that they can be
   used with:

   Black Bead Earrings = 3000G   Use: ABCD
   Spiky Brown Hair = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Short Brown Hair = 5000G   Use: ABCD
   Long Brown Hair = 10000G   Use: ABCD
   Brown Ponytail = 5000G   Use: ABCD
   Wild Red Hair = 9000G   Use: ABCD
   Red Pompadour = 9000G   Use: ABCD
   Red Racing Cap = 5000G   Use: ABCD
   Blue Beanie Helmet = 10000G   Use: ABCD
   Brown Sunglasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Yellow Sunglasses = 10000G   Use: ABCD
   Black Sunglasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Black Face Paint = 10000G   Use: ABCD
   Dark Sunglasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Blue Face Paint = 10000G   Use: ABCD
   Red Contacts = 10000G    Use: ABCD
   *Upper Body*
   Silver Wing Necklace = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Red Racing Jacket = 5000G   Use: A
   Red T-Shirt = 2000G   Use: A
   Red V-Neck Shirt = 3000G   Use: B
   Red Tanktop = 7000G   Use: C
   Black Leather Jacket = 8000G   Use: B
   Black V-Neck Shirt = 3000G   Use: B
   Black Tanktop = 7000G   Use: C
   Black T-Shirt = 2000G   Use: A
   Black Skull Tanktop = 10000G   Use: C
   Gold Team Jacket = 19000G   Use: D
   White Eagle Tanktop = 6000G   Use: D
   Navy Eagle Jacket = 13000G   Use: D
   Navy Logo Tanktop = 4000G   Use: D
   Red Eagle Jacket = 13000G   Use: D
   Red Logo Tanktop = 4000G   Use: D
   Olive Eagle Jacket = 8000G   Use: A
   Orange Eagle Jacket = 8000G   Use: A
   White Star Jacket = 11000G   Use: B
   Brown Skull Tanktop = 10000G   Use: C
   Orange Team Jacket = 19000G   Use: D
   Yellow Eagle Tanktop = 6000G   Use: D
   Gold Wing Necklace = 9000G   Use: ABCD
   Green Racing Jacket = 19000G   Use: A
   Green Leather Jacket = 19000G   Use: B
   Blue Tanktop = 4000G   Use: C
   Black and White Jacket = 19000G   Use: D
   White Logo Tanktop = 4000G   Use; D
   Aqua Eagle Jacket = 19000G   Use; A
   Red Star Jacket = 19000G   Use: B
   Indigo V-Neck Shirt = 4000G   Use: B
   Green Skull Tanktop = 4000G   Use: C
   Purple Team Jacket = 19000G   Use: D
   Olive Eagle Tanktop = 4000G   Use: D
   White Scarf = 10000G   Use: ABCD

   Silver Bracelet = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Hand Tape = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Brown Racing Gloves = 4000G   Use: ABCD
   *Lower Body*
   Green Light Plate = 10000G   Use: ABCD
   Gun Holster = 5000G   Use: ABC
   Buffalo Buckle Belt = 1000G   Use: AD
   Wallet Chain = 4000G   Use: AB
   Red Racing Pants = 3000G   Use: A
   Brown Racing Belt = 1000G   Use: A
   Brown Leather Belt = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Red Work Boots = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Gray OVeralls = 13000G   Use: C
   Blue Logo Overalls = 20000G   Use: C
   Purple Jeans = 8000G   Use: D
   Yellow Line Sneakers = 6000G   Use: ABCD
   Black Studded Belt = 1000G   Use: D
   Black Jeans = 8000G   Use: D
   Red Studded Belt = 1000G   Use: D
   Red Jeans = 8000G   Use: D
   Red Sneakers = 1000G   Use: ABCD
   Black Cowboy Pants = 5000G   Use: A
   Brown Cowboy Pants = 5000G   Use: A
   Black Logo Overalls = 20000G   Use: C
   Dark Purple Jeans = 8000G   Use: D
   Green Racing Pants = 20000G   Use: A
   Green Leather Pants = 20000G   Use: B
   Orange Overalls = 20000G   Use: C
   Dark Studded Belt = 1000G   Use: D
   Aqua Cowboy Pants = 20000G   Use: A
   Red Star Pants = 20000G   Use: B
   Green Logo Overalls = 20000G   use: C
   Purple Studded Belt = 1000G   Use: D
   Olive Jeans = 20000G   Use: D
-  Personal Opinion -

-  Ok....here's basically my take on Jacky:

   Jacky is by far one of the most popular and well used characters in the
   entire Virtua Fighter cast.  I find him annoying to be honest, but eh.  Jacky
   has a fighting style that beginners can appreciate but his true and best
   potential is seen from an advanced player.  Jacky relies mainly on strike
   attacks and short chain combos.  Jacky has a great defensive/counter game as
   well.  With a blistering offense when used properly and a hell of a defensive
   game, Jacky can destroy and easily decimate any opponent.  I would go so far
   to say that with Jacky you can easily cheese your way through matches and win
   with ease.  A drawback with Jacky though is the fact that even though you can
   get alot with just simple strikes and 2 to 3 hit combos, they're at times
   easily blocked and deflected, leaving Jacky open to a severe butt whupping.
   You have to mix up your offensive strategy to keep your opponents guessing so
   that way you can fully appreciate Jacky's arsenal.  Try not to use too many
   strike attacks only simply because if blocked or deflected properly, it'll
   leave Jacky open for a second or two, giving your opponent the opportunity to
   launch an offensive on you.  Should this happen, then make sure to learn how
   to put up a defensive game with Jacky, or to make use of the few counters
   that he has.  In just a few simple moves, you can easily turn the momentum
   back around and start back up on your opponent.  Jacky is easily a striker
   character, but you have to learn to maintain a slight defensive with him in
   order to not get too carried away.  As a beginner, you could try Jacky out
   and find some comfort in him, but if you put some time and effort into fully
   learning all there is about Jacky, then you'll become a severely deadly force
   to be reckoned with.  A great Jacky fighter can dominate in matches with
   relative ease and even getting perfects over people.  His style doesn't take
   as long as one would think to learn and get down properly, unlike Akira.  The
   only thing is is that Jacky can't just be learned immedieately and start
   kicking butt all over the place.  Just make sure to learn to mix things up 
   with a low to mid to high game, and you'll be set to prove your greatness
   against all challengers!

(User Character Tactics)

   Ahhhh....the final chapter of this glorious guide of mine....to think I
   finally made it this far.  This part though isn't written entirely by me...
   This part is written by all of you!  That's right....no matter what I say or
   do to tell you things about characters or explaining their ins and outs,
   everyone has their own style and their own way doing things with each
   character.  In that respect I give to all of you this section.  E-mail in
   your tips, tricks, and fighting techs that you find to be useful for the
   given character in the given situation you're in.  The only way this
   section can get bigger, is by all of you, so flood my e-mail box ok!  I know
   it's at the top, but for convienence my e-mail is:


   I will give full credit to you that send in your tips and tricks, so be a pal
   and help out those around you by contributing to this guide!

   * Jacky *


-  First and foremost I give credit to Sega for coming out with one kick ass
   fighter.  I've never been so jaw dropped before by a fighting game with all
   that it shows off.  I'm still going strong with it, so I think I'm now
   turning into a Virtua Fighter fan!  Way to go Sega, by making an addictive
   game like this!

-  Secondly I'd like to give creds to all of those out there that asked for me
   to come back and make more walkthroughs.  You have no clue how much I missed
   doing these, and just because I'm in the Marines, doesn't mean I have to 
   retire from walkthrough writing!  Thank you for all the support and e-mails
   that all of you have sent telling me how good my past walkthroughs were and
   that you all wanted to see more.  Without the support, I think the drive and
   the love for walkthrough writing would of left me a long time ago.

-  If there's anything that you wish to add or correct in my walkthrough, then
   by all means, shoot me an e-mail at sanctuary_remix@yahoo.com.  I'll take
   your comments and concerns seriously and get back to you as fast as I can.
   You will be given the proper credit as well for contributing to my guide.

   Thanks again, and I'll sees yas all later!

   Alex "Joker" Hall
   Sanctuary Remix