Question from chicodafonz0311

Asked: 6 years ago

The best way to make hostile people be you friend?

Cant get the plav are mad at me.

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From: bringerofnachos 6 years ago

talk to fiona, select "bribe" then PLAV

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Bribe the PLAV is the best way since there is a good way to get a lot of money.

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You can also shoot UP people and vehicles. If you do it without being reported, you won't make the UP mad either.

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destroying high value buildings and capturing/killing HVTs is a quick yet cheap way to make them neutral/friends

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Or you can do their hvt's.

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...just bribe them by talking to fiona; instant friendly with the faction XD

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if you haven't met with the PLAV you got get bribes before killing anyone from UP.

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Paying up, or HVT's.

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There's an easier way to make amends with a faction...

Simply get urself a massive firepower heli...
Rogue Assassin fits the bill perfectly cuz of its twin miniguns...

After gettin' urself a heli travel alongside the roads...
when u notice a nice flow of armored cars of the said faction rivals...
(lets say u r trying to make the PLAV friendly, u have to destroy a bunch of UP trucks n soldiers. Same if u wanna make the Up guys friendly just kill some PLAV)
start to blow 'em up one after another...
just make sure u kill anyone that tries to report u...
u'll get from hostile to friendly in no time...

u can attack small posts but it's a little risky...
cuz soldiers that report u hide behind cover...

Hope this helps...

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I think the easiest way of getting the PLAV happy is to blow up billboards because it's practically destroyable by any explosive

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Use a UP helicopter get guys in and jump out and you could grapple back on so they die you dont get reported because it look like the commited suicide=-)

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blowing up all UP buildings and killing every UP soldier you can lay your hands on always works

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Just bribe em

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