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Asked: 6 years ago

Nuclear Bunker Buster Were Do I Get It ?

I Need To Know Were To Get The Nuclear Bunker Buster?

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From: bringerofnachos 6 years ago

at the end of the game, there are 2 versions of the mission, one against china, one agianst the AN, you get it after finishing on of those, you can't do both,then you are immediatly plunged into the last mission. once you beat the game you can buy them from eva for a million each.

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You get it once you have beaten every AN mission.

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Buy them from ur mechanic after u finish the game

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You get one in the last mission to destroy Solano's bunker and then after you capture him you can buy them for 1 Mil each from Eva....

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There are 3 ways to get it
1) Use the give nuke cheat in the cheat section

2) Get it from the UN in the last level to blow up Solano

3) Once you beat Solano you can buy them from Eva for $1,000,000

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