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How do I solve (statue puzzle)?

I need some help. I'm stuck were you have to turn some statues in a library. I have turn each statue by what the guide saids but that not working. How do I open the bookcase to contiue playing the game.


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mackgeofries answered:

Turn Matthew (angel) to face north, John (bird) to face east, Luke (cow) to face south, and Mark (lion) to face west. Then the door will swing open.
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dimension_e510 answered:

If you look in the book, each statue is given a cardinal (compass) direction. Look at the compass on the floor for a reference, and face each in it's required direction. Look at one of the FAQs for further help if you need it.
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GamerGuy61608 answered:

Like the other guys said, you must match the names of the statutes to their corresponding positions on the compass drawn in the book. match it to the compass carved in the ground. You should have the cutscene activate once the last statute is turned the correct way.
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