Question from emeraldlilyz

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I find the last 30 points to win?

I have 61 treasures and 970 points. I can not find the last 30 points. I have played all levels on regular, mirror world and flip world. I have opened the cheats and changed clothing. Nothing seems to get me through.

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Have you gotten all of the trophies? As long as you have all of those you should get all of the points, but I list all 3 of the medals worth 30 points:

Brutal Slugger (kill 20 enemies with brutal combo)
100 Headshots
Expert Dyno-might (kill 3 enemies with one explosion, five times)

You don't need to use the mirror/flip world or change clothing to get the points, you only need to finish the medal objectives, which should be listed under the bonus section of the start menu.

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