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LAWLZ, its Gears Of Dude Raider! lololo-*gets dropkicked in the face*CrimsonGear809/10
An infusion of mediocrity and repetition in a very pretty packageMaesterMagus5/10
Digging For Fun and Striking Gold21cDigitalBoy10/10
It's more charted than you would think.AK_the_Twilight7/10
Drake's Fortune is the perfect showcase for what the PS3 is capable of.Archmonk Iga7/10
The Evolution of Action-AdventureBloodGod659/10
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune beats the crap out of games like Tomb Raider, and then takes their wallets and cell phonesbluej338/10
Uncharted-a system seller!bruiserbrody9/10
A reason to own the PS3?Crofty9/10
Superb production-values and excellent writing make Uncharted a thrilling, memorable archeological adventurec_rake7/10
Finally, a spiritual successor to... Shadow of the Colossus?DDJ7/10
Sure as the dust that floats high in June, when movin' through Kashmir...discoinferno847/10
PS3 owners now have something to hold over the head of 360 owners.druchrist9/10
Brilliant Start, but the 7th Generation of Games Claims Another Victimetai797/10
Sony's Playstation 3 Enters Uncharted Territory with Naughty Dog's Masterpiece!Fallen Horseman9/10
Confessions of a Puzzle and Jumping HaterFeralBerserker9/10
International Treasurehorror_spooky9/10
Uncharted FORM, well mapped FUNCTION!johnathanblade8/10
Funny how issues from the Playstation era still plague games todayMenji5/10
As An Aggregate Of Its Many Parts, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Provides A Shoot In The Arm For The PS3Senor_T_Dub9/10
The Path Looks Awfully Well Worn For This to Be UnchartedSuprak the Stud7/10
A well-crafted guilty pleasureTheDerpMeister8/10
Naughty Dog has made me a believer.UPRC9/10
I would rather have seen a Jak 4, but heh this isn't half bad.Zylo the wolf7/10

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