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How can you have sex and see it happening?

How to do it manually while seeing it?

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coolie4 answered:

this is GTA4. not san andreas. theres no hot coffee mod in GTA4. you cant "do it manually." poor 12year old kids and their no sex lives =/ dont think video games are pornos >.> unless u get one of the sexy beach games, or one of those other japanese hentai games, lol
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burritoman217 answered:

Get a prost. and take her in a car to a dark ally way and whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Roughdawg4 answered:

You can see it happening by going somewhere private but not too dark to see. Then you use the analog stick to rotate the camera to view through the windshield of your car so you can see yourself and the person you invited.

Depending on how much you paid her, is what you will see her do :)
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ReconciledUser answered:

Or, if you Can't Move the camera, then you have the Australian version, and they Removed the ability to Move the camera around with Hookers.
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DonOfTheZero answered:

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JPzee84 answered:

Go to the small island to the north pick up a hooker and go to the consruction site and youll see a light park under it and pay $75 ithelps to have a convertable
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