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Smart shoes ?

on the mission final interview, I'm wearing a suit with the shoes that come with it, and i keep getting a message saying

grandiarules provided additional details:

It seems my question was cut off some how...

i meant to say i keep getting a message saying that you need to wear smart shoes to the interview , and that i've tried all the clothing stores on the second island, but with no luck

Accepted Answer

RiotViper92 answered:

My advise, just buy either the Black Loafers or Brown Loafers from Persues...
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InfernoSD answered:

Shoes don't come with suits. Buy them separately in the corner.

Also, make sure you're not wearing glasses.
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xX_m477h3w_Xx answered:

The smart shoes would be the ones with the shoes laces in persues
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xanxus answered:

It's funny how none of you can't even spell Perseus.
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