Question from bIGA07

How many missions do you have to complete until you unlock Liberty City?

Ive completed 29 and Im wondering cause I really want Liberty City on this game.Can anyone tell me how many missions you need to complete or the % of the game needed to complete?


R351D3NT3V1L4 answered:

If you're talking about the Liberty City trophy you have to get all your friends to like you above 90%.
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xfleetstdemonx answered:

If you mean when is the the full city unlocked,the large middle island, Algonquin, is unlocked during the mission Blow Your Cover for a character called Elizebetha Torres, which is picked up in Bohan a little while after you get your safe house there. The western most island, Alderney, is unlocked after the mission Three Leaf Clover for a character called Packie McReary. Your roughly 35% into the story missions by this point. Hope this helps.
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