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What are the controls???(name in detail)

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daNuman answered:

Even better, try looking in the USER MANUAL and the Controls setting in the Menu screen...
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Sakon6 answered:

Hope that helps
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USAcefighter answered:

Try looking at one of the MANY faqs...that's what they are there fore.
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naveen1045 answered:

Here are the Controls you can use while on foot.

X Button - hold to run, tap to sprint, select on the phone
O Button - reload, back or hang up when on phone, punch
Square - jump, kick
Triangle - get in car, hold to get in as passenger in taxi, punch
R1 - take or leave cover
R2 - fire
L1 - use stuff, pick up object
L2 - lock-on, aim
R Analogue - camera, click to reset camera
L Analogue- move, click to crouch
D-Pad - UP: cellphone, DOWN: zoom out on radar, L & R: change guns
Start - pause game, go to the many screens
Select - change camera views
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