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How do I fly the Chopper correctly?

I forget what the level is called, but it is the one where i am sent with little jacob in the helecopter to follow and kill people in another chopper. Everytime I go to do it, i always lose the enemy before I even get a chance to after them. Is there a certain way to fly the Chopper that im not aware of?
By the time i get it in the air, I lose them.

Thanks for the help.

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TLekhi answered:

I think u slow it down and press L1 and R1 to positioning it in the right position and slow it down
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petrakias answered:

You must fly the helicopter in the same height mith the other one and when you do this..jacob will hit the other helicopter with a bazooka...
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ShadowT88 answered:

i had the same problem at first, what u have to do is use the L2 and R2 button and as soon as u start to take off start going, do not go too high or else ur just going to lose them.. thats what my problem was anyways hope this helps
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4sakendevil answered:

If your having problems with this level you should practice with helicopters first. To get practice I had Brucie call me and he asked me if i wanted to go for a heliride. During that time it told me how to fly the helicopter. (Hint) When you press R2 while pressing forward at the same time you will go forward way more then you ascend. On the other hand, tilt it back while pressing R2 will make you go up really fast while stopping your helicopter (extremely useful when your about tho crash into a building).
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sniperdude87112 answered:

I suggest you not use the joysticks for turning cause it messes you up what you should do is use L2 & R2 for control of side to side movement and also you should first lay down some fire with the miniguns and to fire them you press square (the fire is to slow your enemies down somewhat) so try what i said cause it helped me.
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You_Need_A_Life answered:

Flying Controls:

L2- Power Down
R2- Power Up
L1- Turn Left
R1- Turn Right
L-Stick Forward- Pitch Forward
L-Stick Backwards- Pitch Backwards
L-Stick Left- Strafe Left
L-Stick Right Strafe Right

As you can see, to simply turn, use the L1/R1 buttons. To strafe from side to side, use the L-Stick. To make really sharp turns, use both. To go forward, push L-Stick up, but remember that you'll also descend, so you need to use R2 in conjunction. To stop, pull L-Stick back. When landing, don't hold L2; you'll slam into the ground and mess up the chopper. Slow and controlled taps of the L2 work better. And like if you're in a huge truck in real life, things seem closer than they really are. If you're flying and it looks like you're about to hit something, you're probably nowhere close to hitting it, so use the R-Stick whenever you can to check positioning.
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