Question from Ice2192

Asked: 2 years ago

What is the primary skills for each of the 3 main characters?

These are my guesses
Niko - all around
Johnny (obviously) - motorcycles
Luis - Guns

im not sure about luis. to me it seems he does more damage with guns since he was in the army. any thoughts

Accepted Answer

From: Rohd_Rash 1 year ago

To be Honest, None of them have Special "Skills" as you put it. The Skills Depends on the Player. Johnny(For me at least) has like 1% better handling With Motorcycles than with Niko and Luis.

IF you want Lore Skills,

Luis and Niko were both in Military. Niko fought in the YugoSlav Wars and Luis fought in Iraq. Niko is Badass Eurpean/Russian W/e. They both have Near the Same Training. (Guns, Running, Swimming, Climbing Ect.) Johnny does not have all these Skills, but has some that Niko and Luis dont.

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