Question from umair_s51

How do I start a fun cop chase/shootout?

I have beaten the game and was getting bored, can you guys tell me how to have fun in liberty city beyond the missions. Like having a fun cop chase etc. Can you guys tell me a particular place/situation where cop chases/ shootout could be fun.

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mainman96799 answered:

First try killing some people till the cops come after you. Then the cops start to chase you, get out of your car and let a cop try to arrest you, but before you get arrested resist arrest then the cop will start attacking you. Run from the cop till hes only far enough to shoot at you steel a car and just keep crashing into cop cars and people then next thing ya know your in a big cop chase/fight, very fun tried out my self got killed by a crashing police chopper. lol >_<
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mainman96799 answered:

To add to my answer stay on rooftops and shoot at cops and helicopters.
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