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Ivan's fate?

What impact will killing ivan be compared to letting him live in the mission: "Ivan, the not so terrible"?

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Lswgamer answered:

He will be an Random Encounter, when he turns into a Loan Shark, and recognise Niko, thanking him and you can help him receive from some clients and receive a pay. anyway it's a nice gesture, but apart from that nothing.
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coolkid93 answered:

If you kill Ivan you will not gain anything. If you let him live then you will gain something out of it. He'll be a random character later on in the game which can earn you money. He'll be located in North alderney.
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ThePostalDudeJr answered:

*Major spoilers*

I believe Ivan's fate determines who Pegorino asks you to kill, Phil or Ray. I spared Ivan and did his random encounter and was told to kill Ray. Also, during the cutscene before Pegorino calls me and tells me to kill Ray, he mentions something about 'Ivan the goddamn terrible" or something like that, so I'm guessing if you kill him, you have to kill Phil instead of Ray.
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godofraw answered:

Not necessarily true- I killed Ivan, and Pegorino still had me kill Ray.
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