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I completed the game before Dwayne called to go on an activity. Is it possible that he will call or will I have to start the game over again?


cccarlo76 answered:

Yes it is possible but if he doesn't call, you can be the one to call him.
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ThePostalDudeJr answered:

If you killed Playboy X, Dwayne should call you for a man-date.
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samuel2739 answered:

Have you checked you're email? Dwayne should have sent you one. if you have allready responded to it I cant help.
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DannyL0p3z answered:

U get an email from him. Then You Should call him. If you keep going on mandates with him. He will become more friendly and later you can call him for backup. Two gang members will assist you.
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InfernoSD answered:

Make sure you've replied to the email he sends you. (Unconfirmed, but it might not work if you replied negatively.) If you wait around a few days and he still doesn't call, he might never do so. This glitch isn't very well-known.
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Rafael_Smee answered:

No it doesn't work if you replied negatively, you have to replly positively.
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GunR_MaxiJonson answered:

It depends on your relation with him... If it is bad then try to call him. He might say no for the first time then wait a day and he should go out with you!
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thesuperhero2 answered:

You could probably call him if you don't kill him and his "like" meter percentage is high enough. If I started the game all over, it'll take a long time and get bored of killing Playboy or D
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KingKool720 answered:

If he sent you an email, you must respond positively (indicated by a happy smiley face).

After responding, wait a few in-game days by saving the game or whatever. He should call you to hang out.

If he likes you enough, you'll unlock his special ability, backup. He will send two gangsters that are usually armed with a pistol or Uzi.
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