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Asked: 5 years ago

Which should i kill? Derrick or Francis?

There's a mission that I should kill either one of them. which of them should I kill?

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The only difference is that if you kill Derrick, you can call Francis and get him to remove your wanted level(can only be done once, and only if you have not completed all of the main missions).

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Killing any of them has a little difference, if you keep Derrick alive, he'll do you nothing. If you keep Francis alive he'll remove your wanted level once a day and after sometime (5 to 8 GTA days) he'll call you and say that he wont help you out any more and stop calling him to remove wanted level, :P. Cuz i hated Francis i killed him :P.

-Hope this helps.

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Personally, I would kill Francis, because he is an annoying SOB, but killing either of them has little difference. Francis, can help with your wanted level once, but that's it. Since your on the site anyway, get the cheat.

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