Question from Goeniko

Asked: 5 years ago

Why can't I play with my friends online?

Me and my friend have been wanting to play online, but unfortunately every time he invites me I never seem to be able to enter his game as it always says the session doesn't exist. I can't even invite him because for some reason he never appears in the invite list when I try to do so. What's up with that?

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From: tjmariano45 5 years ago

You're connection is being blocked, check your systems!

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This happens to me to

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Sometimes you can't see some of you friends in the phone menu because you have too many. I recommend deleting the ones that don't play anymore.

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Your all wrong its not working couse your trying to play with someone far away from were you live couse like i live in tx at the bottem when i try to play with my freind it like the connection is going to texas to illinos to his freind from florida to his freind from canada the connections are to far away from each other thats why when it does work some times it kicks anouther player out that why and somtimes it still doent work when its only 2 people far away from each other connections are bad thats why o and tjmariano45 you have the right idea

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