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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get 100% Completion?

I just finsihed all the missions but i still dont have 100% completion how do i get 100% completion.

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You have to find and kill ALL of the pigeons, you have to complete all the stunt jumps, you have to complete all of stevies car thefts, all of brucies car thefts and all of brucies races, all of the assassin missions, basically, just finish EVERYTHING.

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Ok, you gotta do all missions, meet all strangers, pigeons, stunt jumps, take all of your friends on ALL events that you can do, it counts for about 2.5% for each person - I can't remember the rest but just go on google and type in "GTA 4 100% checklist" this helped me a lot to get the 100% completion trophy.

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You also need to get the high score in QUB3D. I couldn't find this on any of the 100% checklists I read online or in the official guide, so I was stuck for a while. As soon as I beat the high score it said '100% complete'.

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You need to do all stunts, kill all pigeons, finish all assassins missions, complete all stranger side missions, all friends mission

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