Question from byronbarnum

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find more glasses and hats for Niko to wear?

I can't seem to find anymore hats or glasses for Niko to buy and wear? Is the Russian shop the only place you can get them?

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From: uat2d 6 years ago

I have finished the game and i have the same problem he has. I think that besides the mask you get in the mission "Three Leaf Clover", there are only two hats and two glasses you can buy, all of the in the Russian Shop.

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More places open up later in the game. Once the map opens up, the stores do. Just keep on doing missions.

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Try to find a shop, look for a complete map on the web and find some more clothes shops. If you can't find anymore/there is none in stock in those shops. Then I guess those are the only places you can get sunglasses and hats.

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The russian shop is the only place that sells glasses and hats

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