Question from grandiarules

Asked: 4 years ago

Music during lap dance in both strip clubs ?

I'm looking for a specific song that plays during a private dance in both strip clubs

I can narrow it down to its not come into my life or shake your ass ( or whatever the name of those songs are )

the song itself (not the name ) starts with the phrase ohlalala and is sort of electro / trance ...and since your phone doesn't work during a private dance i couldn't call Zit .

I also looked all over youtube, but a lot of the

Additional details - 4 years ago

Why did my question get cut off ?

the last part is supposed to be * I also looked all over youtube but alot of the "geniuses" there used their own music

Accepted Answer

From: Phazon2000 4 years ago

Goldfrapp "Ooh La La" would be the song you are looking for, I hoped this helps.

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