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Asked: 5 years ago

Armored truck?

I read a tip that if you steal and blow up an armored truck the bank uses to move money around the city that the money in it will go to your bank account.But where is it?

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From: InfernoSD 5 years ago

The truck is a Securicar. It's large and blocky, colored green and white. They seem to spawn most commonly around BOABO (where Brucie lives) and South Bohan, though they can spawn anywhere in the city.

When you blow one up, it drops several thousand dollars in cash.

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I dont think that tip you read was right. There are armored trucks and you can blow them up, however I dont know of any that will give you whatever they had in them when you blow it up.

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If you blow up an armoured bank truck, there will be money scattered on the floor around it but doing so will obviously attract some police attention so be careful.

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The truck you are looking for is a green and white "Securicar" as InfernoDragon said, and where they spawn. Plus $5,000 gets scattered around the truck.

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When you blow a Securicar (Green and white truck) a random amount of money will be scatered around the floor, it can be up to 50k, and it is just like dead civilians money.

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Take carmen out on a date in any car whilst on the date shoot the gun this will scare her off and prob get you dumped but it makes that car virtually indestructable.

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