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Grand Theft Auto? More like Petty Theft...from my wallet. *Take Two*Azinsuken2/10
Rockstar, you guys have done it again! Key word: AGAINChateauNoir7/10
Killing civilians can only be so fun.Dart945/10
GTA has gone backwards, a step down from SanAndreas!myforwik7/10
A chore to playRigorBorgir2/10
Not one, but the BEST game mankind has ever experienced...XCore2110/10
A disappointing adventureAkheon5/10
If it Doesn't Turn You Into a Sociopath, It's a Fun GameAOL es Infern0 6t8/10
Once through and you'll never touch it againbigt20026/10
A modern gaming marvel, but what keeps it from perfection?comebackking19/10
Rockstar rock the new generation of consoles with it's best GTA title yet!Cowboys4u869/10
Super damn fun happy time for the whole family! Damn hell ass damn!CrimsonGear809/10
An epic tale of crime and corruption in the land of the freeDonald Love 878/10
Grand theft auto IV: Realism is best!EpicKingdom_9/10
Less content then predecessors, rewardless gameplay, over hyped?exclusiveburner7/10
First GTA game I've REALLY enjoyedfunky18/10
Curse you Cristopher Nolan!Great_Khan2/10
Skeptic of the hype? A Fair review of Grand Theft Auto IV.Hirorock9/10
GTA IV is a Great Game, But Not Perfectjasonethos8/10
An Important Gameramsiverse9/10
Jeez, it's not THAT bad.Ratchet123458/10
Give me Liberty.soulseeker0910/10
A rarity in gamingssk97167579/10
Grand Theft Auto 4 delivers in such a way, you could just disregard the disappointment that was San Andreas.TheLastAvatar0510/10
"So, this is what the dream feels like? This is the victory we longed for..."-Niko BellicWilliam_Roebuck9/10
More of a step sideways than a step forwardZipp_Dementia7/10

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