• Cheat Codes

    During game play push the (START) button to bring up the pause menu and go down to (INPUT CODE). At this point enter the following codes to unlock costumes and force upgrades.

    All databank entries unlockedOSSUS
    All force push ranks unlockedEXARKUN
    All saber throw ranks unlockedADEGAN
    All Talents UnlockedJOCASTA
    Combo UnlockRAGNOS
    Incinerator Trooper.PHOENIX.
    Makes levels mirrored.MINDTRICK
    New ComboFREEDON
    New ComboMASSASSI
    New ComboSAZEN
    New ComboLUMIYA
    Proxy skin codePROTOTYPE
    Shadow-Trooper costumeBLACKHOLE
    Snow Trooper.SNOWMAN.
    Storm-Trooper commander costumeTK421BLUE
    Unlock all Lightsabre CrystalsHURRIKANE
    Unlock Emperor CostumeMASTERMIND
    Unlock Lightsabre throwADEGAN
    Unlocks a New ComboMARAJADE
    Unlocks all 32 costumesSOHNDANN
    Unlocks All Force CombosMOLDYCROW
    Unlocks Bail Organa CostumeVICEROY
    Unlocks Deadly SaberLIGHTSABER
    Unlocks Kashyyyk Trooper costumeTK421GREEN
    Unlocks Maxamum Force PowersKATARN
    Unlocks maximum Force Repulse ranksDATHOMIR
    Unlocks new comboYADDLE
    Unlocks Scout Trooper CostumeFERRAL
    Unlocks Sith Master difficultySITHSPAWN
    Unlocks Stormtrooper costumeTK421WHITE
    Unlocks the Aerial Ambush comboVENTRESS
    Unlocks the Aerial Assault comboEETHKOTH
    Unlocks the Ceremonial Jedi RobesDANTOOINE
    Unlocks the devastating Lightsaber Impale.BRUTALSTAB
    Unlocks the DRUNKEN KOTA costumeHARDBOILED
    Unlocks the Jedi Adventure RobesHOLOCRON
    Unlocks the Master Kento Costume "The Apprentice's Father"WOOKIEE
    Unlocks the Rahn Kota CostumeMANDALORE
    Unlocks the Saber Slam comboPLOKOON
    Unlocks the Saber Sling comboKITFISTO
    Unlocks the Sith Slash comboDARAGON
    Unlocks the Sith Stalker ArmorKORRIBAN


  • ENABLE save game WITH cheats ON

    The game cannot be saved when non-costume codes are enabled. To bypass this, enable the code on a level that has an auto-save point. After reaching that location, intentionally die or press Start. Exit to the main menu then select "Continue". You can now manually save the game with that code still active.

    Contributed By: Tsuruke.


  • Trophies (DLC Trophies Included)

    Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 43 Bronze Trophies, 16 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "I'm Not Your Father, But..." (Gold)Take Luke to school
    "No More Lies, Old Man" (Gold)Defeat Obi-Wan, before and after he becomes more powerful than you can possibly imagine
    100% Complete (Platinum)Unlock all trophies.
    And The Quarterback Is Toast (Silver)Defeat Boba Fett
    Apprentice (Bronze)Complete Game - Apprentice difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started.
    As The World Turns (Bronze)Use the large globe to kill 10 enemies in the museum
    Bossk (Bronze)Defeat 200 Wookiees on Kashyyyk Prologue
    Bully (Bronze)Defeat 25 Ugnaughts or Jawas
    Cannon Fodder (Bronze)Defeat 150 Stormtroopers
    Corellian Star (Bronze)Complete all bonus objectives on one level
    Destroyer (Bronze)Complete Level - Raxus Prime, act 2
    Empirical (Bronze)Complete Level - Empirical, act 2
    Expert (Silver)Earn 500,000 Force Points on a single level
    Force Grip Mastery (Silver)Defeat 500 enemies with Force Grip
    Force Lightning Mastery (Silver)Defeat 500 enemies with Force Lightning
    Force Push Mastery (Silver)Defeat 500 enemies with Force Push
    Force Repulse Mastery (Silver)Defeat 500 enemies with Repulse
    Frenzy (Bronze)Get a Frenzy x4 bonus
    Get A Grip (Bronze)Defeat the trials without the sphere turning red
    Grappled (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with a grapple move
    Gripped (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with Force Grip
    Holocron Collector (Silver)Collect all Jedi holocrons in the game
    Hot Bot (Bronze)Use the hot irons three times on the Gonk Power Droid
    Impaled (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with Saber Throw
    Infestation (Bronze)Complete Level - Felucia, act 2
    Insurrection (Bronze)Complete Level - TIE Factory, act 1
    Invasion (Bronze)Complete Level - Prologue
    Jawa Juicer (Bronze)Crush 5 Jawas by using the grinder in the Garbage Processing Room
    Jedi Hunt (Bronze)Complete Level - Felucia. act 1
    Jedi Knight (Silver)Complete Jedi Temple - Sith Lord difficulty
    Jedi Master (Gold)Complete Jedi Temple - Sith Master difficulty
    Junkyard (Bronze)Complete Level - Raxus Prime, act 1
    Launched (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with Aerial Ambush juggle combos
    Legend (Gold)Earn 600,000 Force Points on a single level
    Lightning Shield Mastery (Silver)Defeat 500 enemies with Lightning Shield
    Lightsaber Throw Mastery (Silver)Defeat 500 enemies with Saber Throw
    Official PETW Member (Silver)Make it through the Ice Caves without killing a single Wampa
    Padawan (Bronze)Complete Jedi Temple - Sith Warrior difficulty
    PETW Hates You (Silver)Kill 10 Wampas in the Ice Caves
    PROXY Won't Be Happy (Bronze)Destroy 35 droids
    Pull the Plug (Bronze)Remove the Power Battery without destroying any of the sentry turrets
    Pushed (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with Force Push
    Rebel Leader (Bronze)Defeat 500 Imperials.
    Redemption (Bronze)Complete Game - Light Side
    Repulsed (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with Force Repulse
    Revenge (Bronze)Complete Game - Dark Side
    Robot Parts (Bronze)Defeat the training room in less than 2 min
    Shocked (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with Force Lightning
    Sith Frenzy (Bronze)Get a Frenzy x8 bonus
    Sith Lord (Silver)Complete Game - Sith Lord difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started.
    Sith Lord Frenzy (Bronze)Get a Frenzy x12 bonus
    Sith Master (Gold)Complete Game - Sith Master difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started.
    Sith Training (Bronze)Complete all Training Room lessons
    Sith Trials (Silver)Complete all Training Room challenges and Combat Modules
    Sith Warrior (Silver)Complete Game - Sith Warrior difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started.
    Skilled (Bronze)Earn 250,000 Force Points on a single level
    Skyhook (Bronze)Complete Level - Kashyyyk, act 2
    Skywalker Style (Silver)Meet Jabba and defeat his pet using the pit gate
    Stormed (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies with Lightning Shield
    The Bigger They Are (Bronze)Defeat 6 Rancors
    The Cable Guy (Bronze)Use the electrical cables throughout Echo Base to shock fifteen enemies
    The Harder They Fall (Bronze)Defeat 10 AT-STs or AT-KTs
    Vapor Room (Bronze)Complete Level - Cloud City, act 2
    Worst Day-Shift Manager Ever (Bronze)Kill 12 Stormtroopers as Vader during the Prologue
    Youngling (Bronze)Complete Jedi Temple - Apprentice difficulty

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Jedi RobeComplete the game with "Jedi" ending
    Sith Stalker ArmorGet the Dark Side Ending

    Contributed By: MrNihon and N1ghtrogue.

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