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Hermaeus Mora Quest Help?

Ok, so I did all the other Deadra Shrine quests, which let me do Mora's now. So I go to the shrine get the quest and capture the souls of the people at his shrine, then I go to another shrine and accidently cast the spell on two different people, and a message comes up saying "You can only capture the soul of one person", So I thought "Oops, guess I'll try again" but now no matter who I cast the spell on and kill, it dosen't there a way around this or is the only answer reload a previous save?...because I don't have one.


ZevexusSTMN answered:

I'm sorry but I'm gonna say this is probably a glitch. The only way by this would be to load a previous game save. However I would advise you to try anything you can that might allow you to get past that.
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ThRealSlimShady answered:

Or it could mean that you already have a soul of that race (you are required to have one soul of each race). So try to cast it on a different race
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