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I can't find lightning spells to use where do you buy them(specific)?

I can't find lightning moves to buy and i need an exact location it needs to below 1000$?

creator022 provided additional details:

I need a lightnin spell for a big broken carved stone to get the dark powers from within it?


INXSive82 answered:

If this is for the finger of the mountain quest check all the mages guild halls for spells. That is the best place to start. If your luck you may find one lying about. If not ask around the guild for npcs that sell destruction spells..
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INXSive82 answered:

Specifically skingrad mages guild shoud have destruction spells. That said if you have destruction as one of your major skills you should have a spell called something like shock touch or shocking touch (about 10 shock damage on touch). This will work as i used it for this very quest.
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LeD_Zepllin answered:

Do the Finger Of The Mountain quest. And you will get a FREE lightning spell that has an affect of something like 75 to 100!
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INXSive82 answered:

That's the quest he wants the lightning spell for..
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Bowhunter2525 answered:

The game usually provides what you need along its quest paths. There is a free shock scroll in Jauffre's equipment chest, and you can buy a low level shock spell from Edgar Vatrine's discount spells.
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