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Where do i get Umbras Sword?

And some glass armor? I think Umbras in Vilverin but i cant find er, and i have o clue where to get glass armor... btw i would also like a glass sword if there is such thing. help? >.<

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Lady_Alessia answered:

I can do BOTH.
I've no idea who Umbra is, sorry, but I'm reasonably certain she isn't in Vilverin, because, while I do not remember from where, I know I've explored those ruins before, and there was no one named 'Umbra.'
As for glass armour, aye, it can be found on enemies starting at a certain level, and starts being sold around the same time. I dunno more than that.
Glass swords are much the same- start appearing around a certain level, and aye, they do exist. Green little things, and quite fun to use.
I've one more thing to say: -ahem- Ashton? By criticizing Ocarina, you actually did the exact thing you yelled at them for.
I cannot be yelled at- I HELPED. ^_^
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Mekeji answered:

Glass armour is worn by all light armor wearers once you get to a certain level and umbra is in Vilverin at the very end if not then you need to look around and you'll find her eventualy
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OcarinaOT answered:

Wow Mekeji, that answer sucked AND it was wrong
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AshtonArdoin answered:

Wow OcarinaOT, you didn't help in anyway at all and decided to point out an answer that was wrong, and didn't help in anyway yourself.
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Bacinek answered:

Umbra is not at Vilverin, she is in Vindasel..The ruins are southwest of Imperial City Waterfront.The path to Umbra is straightforward, so you cannot miss her..Hope ti helps..:)
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