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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find Legendary Armor or Weapons?

I read a book, forgot what it was called but it talks about legendary weapons and armor one for example is the (Lord's Mail). Can you give me any idea as where they are or how to achieve them?

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From: Oblivion2031 6 years ago

The you read was called Tamrielic Lore (For reference). All I know is that the Umbra sword can be found in a ruin that isn't very far away from the imperial sewers you escaped out of at the start of the game. It belongs to some one that wears Ebony armor and is called "Umbra". Mehrunes Razor I believe is available only through DLC, which is only for PC and 360. The Masque of Clavicus Vile can be obtained by completing the daedric shrine quest for Clavicus Vile. Although, in order to complete this quest, you must sacrifice The Umbra Sword for the Masque. The Mace of Molag Bal can be obtained by completing the Daedric Shrine quest for Molag Bal. That's all I know.

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You can go to various Daedra Shrines and complete their quests to get a legendary armor, item, or weapon (depends on the shrine). You can only start certain Daedra Shrine quests depending on your level.

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If you want to get ok armor when you first start the game,complete the cave then find umbra ... i cant remember where she is well anyway find and kill her and you'll get the umbra and the ebony set.

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Here is a list of all the unique artifacts in Oblivion:
This page is a list of all the items mentioned in lore:
These may or may not be found in Oblivion.

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There are A LOT of legendary weapons to obtain, but the only full stand-alone suit with weapons is the KOTN quest (that is included for the PS3 version in the normal disc) with gives you the armor of the Crusader if you finish all the quests. But you have to have only 0-1 infamy or you lose the ability to wear it, and the people look down on you until you clear your infamy again (I recommend getting the wayshrine map in the FAQs section to do so) but you need to do the pilgrimage to do the quest(s) anyway.

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You can get the frostwyrm bow, it is a bow with a 10 or 15 frost damage enchantment. See the Uderfrykte matron on the easter egg faq.

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well, off the top of my head, there is the uniqe umbra armor as well as the umbra sword in the aylied temple south west of the waterfront district also, there is fin gleam, which is tricky to find, it is just off the coast of a tiny little island by anvil, there are also sevral pieces of armor from deadric quests like the savior's hide there are also, various unique armors that have no enchantments, like Brusef Amelion's Armor Set it Can be found scattered inside Amelion Tomb which is NE of Leyawiin along the river bank. As good as standard chainmail armor.

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Umbra's location is the Ayleid ruin of Vindasel, southwest of Imperial City. The rats in it are no problem whatsoever, but Umbra is a BIG HUGE MASSIVE PROBLEM - don't even think about attacking her at the start of the game: she's level 50 fixed, and has a full set of Orcish-quality armor up until level 14 - past that, her custom ebony armor levels up into normal ebony equipment - in addition to one of the most powerful swords in the entire game. She will gleefully abuse your posterior if you try to mess with her at low levels. Even guards get mauled by her.

If you want interesting loot at the beginning and have at least 225 Encumbrance and silver weaponry - easy to find in Mage guilds - try looting Amelion's tomb, NNW of Leyawiin along the western coastline. It has Brusef Amelion's complete armor set, sword included, which is handy even if you DON'T do the Fighters' Guild quest.

There's also the Fin Gleam off the western coast of Anvil's area, the Ring of Destruction near Fanacasecul (although that one's hard as hell to get, since it gets lost fast), the Calliben's Grim retort from the Unfriendly Competition quest and all the Daedric quests' rewards.

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well i think what you want is the rare armor that you can only get vAT THE END OF THE GAME so i'm really not sure but i think this is it ok :)

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