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Where can I find Nightshade?

I cannot seem to find it for the vampire cure.

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KingPhill1234 answered:

You can buy nightshade from an alchemy supplier in most cities, or you can find them in abundance in the woods between Bravil and Skingrad.
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dark_elf1214 answered:

Go to a Mage in the Arcane University and ask about it and he/she will send you to a count, that count will send you to a Witch. That witch will ask you to do a quest in order for her to make the cure.
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MattD2779 answered:

3 Nightshades are laying on the table in the Chorrol Mages Guild library (2nd floor). Another 2 are laying on a slab in the Night Mother's crypt, but you can only go here as part of the last quest for the Dark Brotherhood.
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GenocideHeart answered:

There's also two Nightshade and two Human Hearts in Fort Farragut, Lucien's Room. Easiest to get, probably, as no enemies infest the fort's exterior (the road is another thing), and you can also loot the entire place for 10 Poisoned Apples, some leveled jewelry, a few potions and poisons and some nice books and food items. And there's a free bed and no pesky mages watching you steal.
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HeAt_AllStArs answered:

You can find nightshade mostly in alchemic shops.There is mostly in Skingrad All Items alchemical
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xcrushterx answered:

There are some nightshade plants in the Arcane University as well.
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INXSive82 answered:

In addition to KingPhill1234's comment there is an area east (towards bravil) and slightly north of the priory of the nine that has alot of nightshade. This area is still close enough to the priory so that you can see it.
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conrabuff answered:

There is nightshae behind mages guild in skingrad also for any ingedient checkk main ingredient in imperial city
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TruePhilosopher answered:

The Main Ingredient is the only reliable Alchemy shop that will carry Nightshade on a regular basis. Others can, but it's a matter of luck with them. As for where it can be found, well you can find it all over the West Weald should you feel adventurous. Hope this helps. Have a good day!
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nygfan828 answered:

I've found alot scattered in chests in Ayleid ruins as well.
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