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Lock Picks?

Someone said you can buy lock pics in a house north of IC but I don't know what IC stands for and where is it?

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Babylon1191 answered:

Forget buying lockpicks. Sure, you can. But that costs money. Here's a better idea. Get to level 10, then do the Daedric Quest for Nocturnal, the prize is a Skeleton Key, a lockpick that increases your security skill drastically and never breaks
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kevindrosario answered:

You can buy lockpicks from any Thieves Guild fence. You can also buy lockpicks from Shady Sam, who stands outside the Imperial City walls. Go to the Imperial City stables and travel northeast, sticking to the outside of the walls. You'll run into him after about 20 seconds or so.

By the way, IC stands for Imperial City.
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twingats6661 answered:

My bad, didn't feel like typing Imperial City.
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sk8_4_life687 answered:

Listen save yourself the trouble and get the unbreakable lockpick its a deadric quest and you need to be level 12.
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oblviviongod96 answered:

you can buy, or wait, or just duplicate them (lot easier). so if u dont have the skeleton key or dont want to buy them, get atleast 2 scrolls of the same type, and another random scroll, duplicate ur 1 scroll, then use that to dupe the other, once u have about 200 or so just dupe lockpicks, but if u get too many scrolls and duplicate, it will put a PERMANENT lag on the room you are in.
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guitar_of_time answered:

IC means Imperial City.
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Exodus642 answered:

Look for shady sam around the Imperial city, or you could just do the deadric quest to get the skeleton key, which is an unbreakable lockpick
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kotylol answered:

You can get lock picks anywhere. (on bandits, mostly) or, at level ten, do nocturnals shrine quest. Its easy.
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TruePhilosopher answered:

First off the skeleton key is good, however you cannot increase your skill level while it is in your possession, thus putting a halt to your leveling up all the way. Now if you don't care about level then go for it! As stated you get the Skeleton Key via the Shrine of Nocturnal quest. The shrine is located right off the Yellow Road north of Leyawiin. As for finding lockpicks they can be found in many different containers, bought from Thieves Guild fences if you're a member (they sell the most), bought from Shady Sam as mentioned by kevindrosario, or duplicated via the scroll duplication glitch, which you can find an in-depth how-to guide right here on the gamefaqs boards! Hope this helps and have a good day.
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poweradefan100 answered:

I think Thieves Guild fences sell them. Such as Ongar in Bruma. You can also probably get some off of bandits and goblins. And if you haven't patched your game, you can duplicate them. (see cheats section)
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