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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you stop freindly NPCs attacking you?

I'm currently doing the first quest, and Brother Martin is attacking me but I can't stop him (I must have hit him in the previous fight). How do I stop him attacking me so that I can play the game?

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You need to yield to him. To do this hold L1 to block and put up your shield then hit X while facing him and he should stop.

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Sheathe your weapon, then hold Block and press the Activate button (default X) when Martin is close to you. This will cause you to attempt to yield. Warning: if the other guy's disposition is very low, they may reject the yield.

Also note that Brother Martin is essential until Light the Dragonfires. You CAN knock him unconscious, which should make him stop attacking. Just be warned it will net you a bounty.

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Hold up you're sheild (L1) and press triangle.

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