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Where can I find a very powerful staff?

My character joined the mages guild and got his staff which did a blistering 80 frost damage. but when i finished nights of the nine quests, it was not in any one of my houses that i could have put it or in the priory of the nine. i lost it :(
does anyone know where to find a staff nearly as good or better? it did eight frost damage and had around forty two uses.


twingats6661 answered:

There's the Staff of Indarys you get for completing "The Wayward Knight" in Cheydinhal as one of your possible rewards. At level 25+ it's damage strength 10pts on target and shock damage 70pts on target. There's the Apotheosis for sale in Rindir's Staffs in the Imperial City Market District: fire, frost, and shock damage 33 pts on target. Random staves can be found in loot in necromancer dungeons, Ayleid ruins, and in the possession of liches. Generic "greater" staves start to appear at level 14 and unique powerful staves start appearing at level 18+.
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aureliano17 answered:

Your own mage staff is the most powerful staff in the game. As twingats6661 stated, only Apotheosis, for sale in Rindir's Staffs, can deal more damage, but it has very few uses. No other staff in the game comes close, even if you snatch it off a Lich or Conjurer Adept. By the way, you can summon your own Liches and use Disintegrate Weapon on them. Obtaining a staff this way is far easier than searching in dungeons, where you are more likely to find the weaker Nether Liches.
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GenocideHeart answered:

If you have good Sneak skills, pickpocket High Chancellor Ocato. He has a Staff of the Battlemage - only 3 charges, but it does a whopping 80 Shock damage a pop, and nearly every Daedra is weak to Shock, so it has its uses.

Ocato is found in the White Gold Tower, in the Imperial City's Palace district. He usually enters the council chambers in the morning, which is the perfect time to follow him inside, close the doors so the guards don't see you and pick his pocket when he's sitting there alone.

Besides, you get to brag that you're as good as the Gray Fox - he too picked Ocato's pocket. :p
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