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Asked: 4 years ago

Acrobatics trainer glitch?

I am an expert in acrobatics and i have gone to the guy who is supposed to train you to master, but when i go there he just says something and i can only ask him about rumours, and at the bottom is only the persuade icon, i can got his dispositon to max but he still wont train me, am i doing something wrong? or do i need to go somewhere else?

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My guess is that you can only ask him during certain times of the day.

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You could also use my ring glitch, It wont put you to master, But it can put you up to above 400 in acrobatics.

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Yes... that is a 400.

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Besides the ring glitch, keep trying, probably to much processing of the game. Or maybe something wrong happened.

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What is the ring glitch

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He won't train you at all. You are a Master in Acrobatics. when you are a Master of any skill, the Master level trainer cannot offer you any help. The best you can do is provide to him the 'item' or finish the 'mini-quest' to Complete the Open Quest item in your journal.

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