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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I kill ghosts?

Some of the quests involve ghosts and i don't know how to get rid of them. Do i need a spell of some sort to destroy them?

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From: Lady_Alessia 4 years ago

Aye, but they asked for ways to kill ghosts, and if you have enough magicka/potions, that is a way to kill them.
I was simply clarifying.

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You're only 2 (effective) options are: 1.Get a silver weapon 2.(better than the last) get a magic weapon. An alternative is, if you dont have to kill them just turn invisable and sneak by them.

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Or, you can throw magic at them. Magic affects ghosts, as does silver. And, another thing- magic weapons don't have to be charged- they just have to have the enchantment.

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I know that will work, but you have a better chance of hitting them with a sword rather than running out of magic while half the time missing. so either way, you need to recharge you're magic but a magic weapon takes less time to do so.

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Aaahhhh tooshay i say u guys give this one to her. Good job Alessia.

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Alessia you're answering all my Q's! thanks

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There are many ways.
One way, the cheapest way is a silver weapon.
Another way is enchanted bows or arrows
Or enchanted swords and other weapons
Or deadric/bound stuff
Or you could get your hand to hand up
Or you could try and use magic on it
Or you can use followers to do the work for you
Or you could summon something that can damage it
Many different things

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He asked for the most effecient way and if you dont know how to kill a ghost how will he get a deadric weapon? Look before you leap.

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There are many ways to kill a ghost

1.Get a silver weapon
2.An enchanted weapon of any sort but make sure it has no frost...
3.A destruction spell besides frost...
there are your 3 ways to kill a ghost the simple way without spending alot of cash.....oh yah and p.s.(you can find a weapon smith in anvil make sure wen u fast travel to the north gate you turn right and its that store rite there)
i hope this helped (:

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You can use a silver or magic weapon, like the other guys said, or you can get a daedric weapon.

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