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Asked: 5 years ago

Fingers of the mountain death?

I use an electric spell on the pedistle and the lightning bolt always kills me how do i avoid dying?

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From: twingats6661 5 years ago

The shock spell it throws at you is aimed in one direction "at target". What you can do is start next to one of the outer columns and cast your spell. As soon as you do, hide behind one the column and the pillar's spell will hit the column not you. You don't need to be obliterated to get the spell, so you will still receive it.

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Try using a weaker shock spell, or cast another spell first like fortify health or equip items that will raise your health, and it shouldn't kill you.

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1st off, don't level to try and get it, and 2nd, this part didn't happen to me. The lighting didn't cause lethal damage,so I ask you, DO YOU HAVE THE WELKYND STONE? Without it, its instant death I believe. And if you keep having problems, I recommend getting the Storm Ring, Shock resistance 100%. Your most likely to get it in Oblivion, so start searching, and remember that you probably can't use the spell if your lvl16 or higher, since the magic requirements will be through the roof! I waited until like lvl43 and it costs OVER 700 magicka to cast! Even with enchanted Mithril I can't cast said spell ever... DO IT EARLY!

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