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Where the heck is the sponser code for the EU version? 0
Anyone else having EA server problems? 2
Backing up and re-loading saves? 2
Can you please make a europe ps3 game save i hav tried looking everywher but theres nothing? 1
Do you need a DLC to get the Platinum Trophy? 2
How come I only have 9 jumps in Palm Bay Heights? 1
How do I view Mugshots? 1
How do you get the legendary toy cars? 2
I was wondering if I can configure the wheel i got to the ps3? 5
Will I lose progression if I copy my gamesave? 1
Yellow gates on angus wharf car park? 2
8 player in Wildcat Tropy? 3
A question about Showtime Road Rule? 2
Big Surf Island? 2
Billboard Problem ? 1
Burnout Paradise Bikes Elite License 101% ? 2
Can 2 players play in a split screen mode in burnout paradise? 1
Can someone help me with a trophy problem? 1
Classical music in burnout? 3
Do you get all of the cars in Big Surf Island if you bought the timesavers pack before Big Surf Island came out? 1
Do you get anything from getting all the Paradise Awards? 1
Do you get the Bikes pack via update? 1
Do you get the ultimate box online or buy offline? 2
Does Burn Out Paridise have drag racing? 1
Does cheats disable trophies? 1
Does the french micromania car work in canada? 3
Does this game have bikes? 1
Email to Dj atomica? 1
Getting online? 1
Gold paint? 1
How do I create an online road rage game myself? 2
How do i delete ? 1
How do i do a wheelie in burnout bikes ? 1
How do I downgrade my game so I can input codes? 3
How do I enter the showtime? 1
How Do I Get The 10 Freeburn Trophy? 2
How do i get trophies? 1
How do I upload a picture to my license after already starting the game? 1
How do u get the toy cars? 1
How do u invite a friend into burnout paradise ? 1
How do you do the nighthawk x3 burnout? 1
How do you get a car to go out on the streets to takedown? 1
How do you get a f1 car? 2
How do you get the 24 hr trophy? 2
How do you get the Rai-Jin Turbo on Career Mode? 1
How do you input the passwords? 1
How do you make a Custom Soundtrack? 1
How do you send in a mugshot? 1
How does the newly added Party Mode work? 1
How long does it take to download Burnout Paradise for the PS3? 1
How many challenges do i have to do to get the carbon uberschall??? 1
How much hard drive space does the full game downloaded from PSN take up? 1
I bought the Time Savers Pack, will i still be able to shut down the inferno van for the trophy? 1
I cant find where to put the passwords ? 2
If you could have one racing game would this be it? and is it hard? 1
In Asia, How much is Burnout Paradise? 1
Is Burnout Paradise available for download in the Canadian PSN store? 1
Is it not possible to change the controls? 1
Is it possible to raise your cars stats in Burnout Paradise? 1
Is there a way where I can play the music on my PS3 in the game? 1
Missing Trophies? 1
Mugshot trophy with playstation eye? 1
Question about Bikes pack? 2
Trophies? 1
Trophy Problem ???? 1
True of false? 1
Update Problem ? 1
Update Problem with trophy ? 1
What are car parks? 3
What is the best car for beating showtime road rules??? 7
What is the best car for marked man events when trying to get burnout elites liscence? 9
What is the difference between the normal and ultimate box? 1
What is the last car to shutdown? 3
What is the yellow/brown circles next to my name online? 2
What's the point of Freeburn? 3
Where do i go in the pause menu to restart a race? 1
Why can't I Boost Chain? 1
Why won't it let me go online? 1

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