PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File05/15/13JagDogger25252447K
(PSN & Disc - 303%) Disc has paint glitch & PSN doesn't; Disc has ALL Sponsor cars (including Circuit City); Both have ALL Cars unlocked, ALL Challenges done, ALL Events done, & ALL Big Surf Isle done
Save Game File03/12/11Kenou232011188K
Burnout licence, bsi 6 of 9 cars unlocked, most online challenges done
Save Game File09/17/09yamikarasu131205K
everything beaten and unlocked in game including expansions and DLC up to and including Big Surf Island (Note: not all online freeburn challenges beaten)
Save Game File10/05/09NostalgicX1226K
Everything complete except for the DLC you have to pay for.

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