Question from Altrus02

Asked: 4 years ago

What do I miss if I don't have an online connection for my PS3?

As stated, I am having to play the game offline. I have read some of the questions and answers, and am unclear on a few things. Will I miss any items since I can't get online? Is there any way to create a town offline? Can I do the online quests while offline? Can I even access the online quests if I am offline? I am playing the International Version, by the way.

Accepted Answer

From: Rakemu32 4 years ago

Playing online you have help with quests, player interaction, and access to REALLY good Georamas for harvesting after quests. Without help or good Georamas, you will not get the needed items to make or upgrade equips at a reasonable rate. I would heavily suggest finding a way to play online.

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Pretty much just help with the harder quests, and player interaction. there are some free quests that they come out with every now and again but other than that not too much

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