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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat ancient dragon in KOD1 GR6 quest? Open 3
Item Help status answers
Dragon Knight Incourruptus Soul II? Open 2
Enemy Item Drops? Open 4
Gold Face Farming? Open 3
Grey Ore ? Open 2
Helmets? Open 2
Just started the game but im having trouble using the bastard sword? Open 3
New Game+ - Loots, rewards, encounters. ? Open 3
Some gr14 armor enhancement question? Open 2
Spider thread and spider corpse? Open 1
Weapon exchange? Open 1
What is the beat armor in the game? Open 1
What is the best katana? Open 2
What is the purpose of the Obsidian Tablet? Open 1
Whats the difference in long sword types? Open 1
Where can I find (Basilisk heads)? Open 1
Where can I find (clay puppet parts)? Open 2
Where can I find (Cursed Plaque)? Open 2
Where can I find (Dragon Gem)? Open 2
Where can I find (Iron Ore)? Open 1
Where can I find (Listed)? Open 2
Where can I find (Platium ord)? Open 1
Where can I find (yggdra branch)? Open 1
Where can I find a direspider shell/body? Open 2
Where can I find Copper ore? Open 5
Where can I find Dark Marksman in New Game Plus? Open 2
Where can I find dull gold lump? Open 1
Where can I find Dull Iron Lump? Open 4
Where can I find Georama Deed? Open 3
Where can I find Little Raven? Open 1
Where can I find monster fossil? Open 1
Where can i find spider corpses ??? Open 3
Where can I find Spiky Seeds? Open 1
Where can I find the "Order of Balandor" ? Open 2
Where can I find the black market pass and how do I get it? Open 2
Where can I find the knight coins at that some of the npc's are lookin for? Open 1
Where can I find the missing part for the goddes statue? Open 1
Where can I find vespid jaw and levinstone? Open 2
Where can I find white-oak branch aside from georama? Open 2
Where can I get Firespider Body+ at GR 16? Open 1
Where is the Fire Lizard one in the Flandar Mountains? I can't find the hidden starred area. Open 2
Other Help status answers
About reincarnation? Open 1
After rebirthing 5 times what do you have to pay to rebirth again? Open 2
Any release date for the NE version? Open 5
Anyone Know when the next...? Open 1
Anyone knows BladewindDraconus Email? Open 0
Can you export Crystal camera Photos? Open 2
Can you give some advice how to set mup my georama Im new to it ? Open 1
Can you go back to the Black Market later and get stuff? Open 1
Can you have two Knights fight at the same time? Open 3
Disappearing friends list? Open 1
DLC for WKC coming next year? Open 1
Does anyone know if White Knight Chronicles will be available for PSP Go? Open 4
Does anyone know what the level cap is for White Knight Chronicles? Open 2
Does the Player Avatar ever get a Knight? Open 4
Does Vitality affect healing? if so what else affects it? Open 3
Does your Geonet and Guid Rank tie to specific save files? Open 1
Dose my avatar get a knight ? Open 3
Georama property? Open 1
Gold Star Trophy Question? Open 1
how do I get online with this game ? Open 3
How do i make leonard or caesar use there incorruptus when doing a quest? Open 1
How do I obtain the Best Ending (Spoilers)? Open 5
How do you make own village on geonet?? Open 1
How many quests are there and where/how do you get them? Open 3
How much does it cost, and where? Open 2
How to speed up battles? Open 1
I dont understand guilds and geonet? Open 1
If you have multiple Avatars do they share the same geonet world? Open 1
Innapropriate Phrases? Open 1
Is any of this saved online? Open 2
Is there an easy way to get dull gold lump? Open 2
Is there any armor restrictions for characters specializing in magic? Open 2
Leveling in quests? Open 1
Microphone trouble? Open 1
Minimum Rank for 450 Binds? Open 1
New Game + treasures? Open 1
New game+ and reincarnation? Open 1
Please tell me you can switch to Japanese voiceover...? Open 1
Question about overwriting clear data with new game plus save? Open 2
Re-making same Character? Open 1
Repeatable quests? Open 2
Rrebirth? Recipes? Open 2
Sequal (Spoilers)? Open 4
Should have every job type in my georama? Open 1
What are stats for gr14 armor sets? Open 1
What are the incorruptus soul for? Open 1
What do georama jobs do? Open 3
What is the best level to go online? Open 1
What type of game is this? Open 3
When do you get access to the menu? Open 2
When you rebirth, do your health and magic points also reset? Or do those stay the same? Open 2
When you reincarnate, does it get rid of your skills? Open 3
Where do I find people to join...? Open 3
Why did it show only 4 knights? Open 4
Why doesnt rusty key work in the lost children quest? Open 1
Why won't my other players fight? Open 1
Will players using Janapnes version of the game be able to play online with players using American/Europe version? Open 2
Will the stat boosting skills apply to you all the time or only when you have that weapon equipped? Open 2

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