Georama Resident List by Arthellinus

Version 1.1, Last Updated 2010-02-17

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Data compiled by HarryStamen
Written, formatted and edited by Arthellinus
Copyright Arthellinus 2010
Contact: (errors, questions, suggestions)


The Georama feature in White Knight Chronicles (WKC) allows you to build your own town using the various materials you collect while playing the game. Your town can be uploaded to GeoNet, WKC's online feature through the PlayStation Network (PSN). It acts as your online hub when you engage in WKC's multiplayer mode and also houses various shops for your convenience. To create or join quests online, you must first begin your session in either your own town or that of another player. What makes this feature unique is that you can populate your town with a number of specially designated NPCs whom you come across in the single-player mode. These residents can be recruited to perform certain jobs in your town. As a result, your general store, run by Harry, will sell materials reflecting the production of your residents; each job has three categories of production and as your production levels increase, the quality of materials sold by Harry improves. In addition, if your production is high enough, you may unlock unique equipment at your in-town armory (run by Marsha) that you may only purchase in your town. Thus, it is advantageous to build up the production of your town and there are many different ways to do so with the diversity in residents available. The purpose of this guide is not to provide an in-depth analysis of Georama as a whole, but merely to provide a listing of all the residents in the game that you can recruit, as well as where they can be found, what the requirements are to recruit them, and the extent to which they improve your production.


In the tables below, residents are sorted in the following order:

  • Job: Alphabetical
  • Lv: Georama level required to recruit
  • Item Req: Item required to recruit
  • City: Parma, Balandor, Albana, Greede, Baccea
  • Map: Coordinates of where the resident can be found (courtesy of a similar guide at
  • Location Description: A short street-level description of where the resident can be found

Also note the different production headings for each job (Greavers/Beasts/Lizards for Chefs and so on).


NameJobLvItem ReqCityMapLocation DescriptionGreaversBeastsLizards
FedeliaChef1NoneParmaB-2In house near north entrance003
EileenChef1NoneBalandorE-11Food stand near south entrance030
LindaChef1NoneBalandorK-9North of east gate300
UtaChef2NoneBalandorF-8South-west of fountain at city center023
MimiChef2NoneAlbanaC-4South area230
CyrilChef2NoneAlbanaC-3Central area near stalls302
TansyChef4NoneAlbanaD-2East gate by Inn032
CammyChef4NoneGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 1F - At butcher counter203
AgsellChef4NoneGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 1F - Behind butcher counter320
LilaChef7NoneBalandorF-10In front of house on west side near armory stand033
AngelicaChef7NoneGreedeD-3Merch. Quarter 1F - Waitress outside of Pub330
LaneChef7NoneBacceaB-3Inside tent near west gate303
JuliusChef8Gall stoneGreedeC-3Downtown - West of Adventurer's Guild222
MirandaChef8PyrestoneGreedeD-2Merch. Quarter 2F - Near Jeweler's222
MiraChef10NoneParmaC-3In house arcoss from Pub350
ZieglerChef10NoneGreedeC-1Downtown - East of Save point035
MycropaChef10NoneBacceaD-2Inside tent near east gate503
JuliannaChef10Blue gratos coinBalandorF-4Past Great door before castle, on west side233
ZeldanChef10Green gratos coinGreedeC-3Central Station - West side near bar323
LinaChef10Red gratos coinBacceaD-3South-east of Pub333
NameJobLvItem ReqCityMapLocation DescriptionFlowersCottonMushrooms
FrederickFarmer1NoneParmaC-2In stables003
RonFarmer1NoneBalandorF-10Near armory stand in south entrance area300
DalvinaFarmer1NoneBalandorF-7Wanders south-west of fountaint at city center030
LinusFarmer2NoneParmaC-2In stables032
SamsonFarmer2NoneBalandorE-10Fixing cart near fountain in south entrance area320
AlainFarmer2NoneBalandorF-7West of fountain at city center302
TommyFarmer4NoneBalandorF-8South-west of fountain at city center230
BerniceFarmer4NoneGreedeD-3Central Station - East side203
SaganFarmer4NoneGreedeC-2Downtown - Wanders east of Save point023
StagousFarmer7NoneParmaB-2In Armory033
ParisFarmer7NoneGreedeC-3Central Station - West of Logic Stone330
NicolausFarmer7NoneGreedeC-3Merch. Quarter 2F - Near stores303
EileneFarmer8Dew dropGreedeC-3Central Station - Near Logic Stone222
CruiseFarmer8Earth dragon skullGreedeC-4Downtown - In Black Market222
ValdereFarmer10NoneParmaB-2Outside General Store305
EllenFarmer10NoneBalandorJ-9Near General Store053
BarbarosseFarmer10NoneGreedeC-3Central Station - Near Logic Stone530
TirosFarmer10Blue emperor coinGreedeD-3Merch. Quarter 2F - South of Jeweler's233
Lia BouffleFarmer10Green emperor coinGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 2F - Inside Armory323
DelvadothFarmer10Red emperor coinParmaC-2In stables332
NameJobLvItem ReqCityMapLocation DescriptionTimberLumberInsects
ManumarinLumberjack1NoneParmaC-3Near East Gate003
DreardelLumberjack1NoneParmaC-3Near East Gate300
GregoryLumberjack1NoneBalandorI-9In Adventurer's Guild030
GrahamLumberjack2NoneParmaB-3Near north entrance032
HoraceLumberjack2NoneParmaC-3Outside Pub320
GiuseppeLumberjack2NoneBalandorF-5Only recruit in F-5203
BarbaraLumberjack4NoneGreedeE-3Merch. Quarter 1F - East of Pub302
GeorgLumberjack4NoneGreedeC-3Downtown - In front of Adventurer's Guild023
AcylLumberjack4NoneGreedeC-4Downtown - South-east of Pub230
LloydLumberjack7NoneParmaB-3By fence east of bridge033
NicholasLumberjack7NoneBalandorF-8South-west of fountain at city center330
LubertLumberjack7NoneGreedeD-3Merch. Quarter 1F - Wanders near Pub303
HazelLumberjack8Troll-king maskBalandorF-3East garden before castle222
Reno AlleLumberjack8Waterspider eggGreedeD-2Merch. Quarter 2F - Wanders south of Jeweler's222
RandallLumberjack10NoneBalandorF-8South-west of fountain at city center350
MatthewLumberjack10NoneBalandorJ-9By General Store503
VilgtusLumberjack10NoneGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 3F - Wanders near Pierre's house035
BiangaLumberjack10Blue ethereal coinParmaB-3By fence east of bridge233
Rena LittLumberjack10Green ethereal coinGreedeC-3Downtown - In front of Adventurer's Guild323
EgmontLumberjack10Red ethereal coinBalandorG-3West garden before castle332
NameJobLvItem ReqCityMapLocation DescriptionAutomataPlantsGiants
PeggyMage1NoneParmaB-3In Binding Post003
FrancesMage1NoneBalandorJ-9By General Store030
TimothyMage1NoneAlbanaD-2Wanders in east area300
JannaMage2NoneAlbanaC-2Central area near stalls032
MoritzMage2NoneGreedeC-3Merch. Quarter 2F - Wanders near store (on stairs)302
OthinaMage2NoneGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 2F - In front of Binding Post203
Ida RozzeMage4NoneGreedeC-3Central Station - West of Logic Stone320
DrigMage4NoneGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 2F - In front of Armory230
LynnMage4NoneGreedeC-2Downtown - Wanders to General Store023
SarasaMage7NoneAlbanaD-2Inside of Inn going up and down stairs330
RickMage7NoneBacceaD-3North-east of Pub303
CeliaMage7NoneBacceaD-3Inside tent south-east of Pub033
EvinaMage8Dull gold lumpAlbanaB-4Inside Phibianaccia & Co.222
OctaviaMage8Ice-giant eyeAlbanaE-2By east gate222
NoeliaMage10NoneBalandorI-8Wanders near Adventurer's Guild350
JeromeMage10NoneBalandorG-82nd floor south-east of fountain at city center503
HectorMage10NoneBacceaC-3Wanders near Logic Stone035
ColinMage10Blue arcane coinBalandorG-3Behind 3 statues on east side before castle332
CharleconeMage10Green arcane coinGreedeF-2Merch. Quarter 3F - East of fountain in Park323
DianusMage10Red arcane coinGreedeD-2Merch. Quarter 2F - In front of Binding Post233
NameJobLvItem ReqCityMapLocation DescriptionOreFossilsCrystals
GuntherMiner1NoneBalandorE-10Wanders steet near south entrance003
LeoMiner1NoneBalandorG-10North of armory stand in south entrance area030
DareenMiner1NoneBalandorG-10By Rapacci Wines at bottom of stairs300
EliMiner2NoneBalandorG-10North of armory stand in south entrance area032
LevinMiner2NoneBalandorG-8South-east of fountain at city center203
EunosMiner2NoneGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 1F - East of elevator230
CarlosMiner4NoneGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 1F - By framed pictures023
CarreraMiner4NoneGreedeC-2Downtown - Between General Store & Adventurer's Guild302
LeopoldMiner4NoneGreedeC-3Downtown - Wanders near Adventurer's Guild320
BelvardMiner7NoneGreedeB-2Merch. Quarter 2F - Near elevator303
TobyMiner7NoneGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 1F - Insde jewelry store (not Jeweler's)330
HollandMiner7NoneGreedeB-4Downtown - Outside of Pub doors033
RattrayMiner8Dull gold lumpGreedeC-1Downtown - East of Save point222
HecateneMiner8Dull iron lumpGreedeD-3Merch. Quarter 2F - Wanders south of Jeweler's222
BeatriceMiner10NoneBalandorF-12Near south entrance on east side of road053
GordonMiner10NoneBalandorE-11Wanders steet near south entrance530
ClarkMiner10NoneGreedeC-4Downtown - Inside Pub305
Lau VarieMiner10Blue war-hero coinGreedeC-2Merch. Quarter 2F - In front of Armory233
XanderMiner10Green war-hero coinGreedeD-3Downtown - In Adventurer's Guild323
IrinaMiner10Red war-hero coinBalandorF-9In front of statue on west side on bridge332
NameJobLvItem ReqCityMapLocation DescriptionBugsTrollsDragons
FabiolaWarrior1NoneParmaB-3Near bridge300
GastonWarrior1NoneBalandorF-8Directly south of fountain at city center030
BeketovWarrior1NoneAlbanaC-3Inside Pub003
GudrunWarrior2NoneParmaC-4Inside Pub230
DirkWarrior2NoneAlbanaD-3On street from east to south area320
VeldamWarrior2NoneGreedeD-3Merch. Quarter 1F - Outside of Pub doors302
RafianaWarrior4NoneGreedeD-3Merch. Quarter 1F - At counter outside of Pub032
TobiasWarrior4NoneGreedeD-3Downtown - South of Adventurer's Guild023
LucasWarrior4NoneBacceaD-3Wanders to front of Pub203
SergiusWarrior7NoneBalandorI-8At notice board outside of Adventurer's Guild303
CasparWarrior7NoneGreedeB-2Merch. Quarter 2F - Wanders near elevator033
RookWarrior7NoneBacceaD-3North-east of Pub330
SilWarrior8Fire dragon skullGreedeD-4Downtown - On path south-east of Adventurer's Guild222
AdeliaWarrior8Wind dragon skullAlbanaC-3Inside Pub222
TaltenosWarrior10NoneGreedeD-2Merch. Quarter 2F - Inside Binding Post305
ExceliaWarrior10NoneGreedeD-3Merch. Quarter 1F - Wanders near Pub530
Van LienWarrior10NoneGreedeD-3Merch. Quarter 1F - Wanders near Pub053
VincentWarrior10Blue knight coinAlbanaC-2Inside Armory233
PaltWarrior10Green knight coinBalandorI-8Near Armory & Adventurer's Guild323
DionorWarrior10Red knight coinBalandorI-9In Adventurer's Guild332

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