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Will saved games from gamefaqs unlock trophies?

Will downloaded gamesaves from this site unlock the trophies as well?

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monkeybrainz2s answered:

no, only actually earning them on your system yourself will do it. the trophy system on your profile isn't actually connected to the game. it's more like an outside part that is monitored by your account.... hard to explain. but trust me... I'm just tired and don't feel like explaining it.

like for example... on my gta4. I won a trophy but I didn't save it and I still had the trophy. it's an external thing that runs in the background. not actualy based off the games content. if you want to cheat to get trophies then you need to learn to hack your ps3. you don't even need the game in the system to get the trophy's unlocked. just good hacking... REALLY good hacking skills
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Samurai_Skater answered:

No, any copied save data will not allow you to gain trophies.
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MrKlammer answered:

Yeah, I think the game holds the trophies, and says when you get it, but the PS3 handels 'em. Say, if you get a 100x multiplier, LBP will say "Hey! This guy got this trophy!", and so it gives you the trophy.
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